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  • Bond, James Bond

    Here's one for you, Here's one for you:
    • Best Bond
    • Best Bond Movie

    I'll start:
    Best Bond: Sean Connery. I think Daniel Craig second. Roger Moore always seemed a bit too cheesy.
    Best Bond movie: Goldfinger for me. I even had a toy Aston Martin DB5 with ejector seat, machine guns and bullet proof shield.

  • #2
    I tend to agree with you there.

    Although favourite bond however has to be Rick Bond, aka The Coffee Machinist.


    • #3
      Roger Moore has to be at the bottom for the worst espresso ever pulled on film.


      • Blues1143
        Blues1143 commented
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        Watched this the other day - hilarious

    • #4
      My favourite is
      Sean Connery
      From Russia with Love

      Close seconds
      Daniel Craig
      Casino Royale


      • #5
        Also +1 for Gold finger/ Connery- holds a special place in my heart

        Daniel Craig in Casino Royale is also a close second.


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          Yep, hard to beat Connery and Goldfinger (the pale blue toweling jump-suit is hard to top) with Craig and Casino Royale for a close second.
          That is a cracker of a Youtube clip. The pour looked exactly what you'd expect without a tamp, and pulled in about 5 seconds.
          As an Englishman in the '70s, M wouldn't have known what a good coffee tasted like anyway.