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Gaggia Classic is leaking.

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  • Gaggia Classic is leaking.

    Any Gaggia Classic owners had any issues with steam and water leaking from the steam wand during machine start up, pulling a shot and frothing the milk?

    its probably an easy fix (I hope) someone might be able to steer me in the right direction.



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    Re: Gaggia Classic is leaking.

    When I had a Classic it happened all the time. I had my machine for 4 years. It was never really a drama for me. I just gave it a really good purge before I steamed. Not sure if you can replace the seal in the steam valve as I never pulled it apart; although I wouldnt be surprised if you could.

    The other thing is that you actually make matters worse by overtightening to compensate for the leak...eventually the sealing surface suffers more damage and the problem escalates (same thing happens with your domestic tap washers..)


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      Re: Gaggia Classic is leaking.

      Alucard, if its not an easy fix you can do yourself, suggest you take it to Di Bartolis - it will be in safe hands there!


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        Re: Gaggia Classic is leaking.

        Thanks for the responses, I will pull it apart sometime this week and check it out could just be replacing the steamvalve which I can get from


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          Re: Gaggia Classic is leaking.


          Thank you for promoting our repair services.

          Yes, we service domestic coffee machines, we are service agent for Gaggia, Rancilio, Expobar, Bezzera, Isomac, Ascaso, ECM and others.

          As well we sell spare parts for all the above brands and more.




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            Re: Gaggia Classic is leaking.

            Heres where mine is leaking. It only leaks when I turn the steam knob on, not while extracting.

            Water leaks out from the top joint, then follows down the OUTSIDE of the steam pipe,
            then generally drops onto the drip tray rather than follow the bend of the steam wand
            all the way to the tip. Sounds like yours might be a worse problem

            When steaming, purging for 10 seconds seems to slow down the leaking.

            Let us know what the prob turns out to be with yours, and how much to fix it



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              Re: Gaggia Classic is leaking.


              Theres probably an O-Ring or a Gasket in there that could do with replacing..... Alternatively, maybe all it needs is some Thread-tape?



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                Re: Gaggia Classic is leaking.

                Hi Ben

                did you get anywhere with rectifying the leak?
                Asking as Im seriously considering buying one this or next week.