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    Hi, Im new here.

    After playing around with the Sunbeam entry level machine(3800)  and the cafe series (4800) grinder for a few months, the wife and i feel its time for an upgrade as were just not getting the Cafe quality results were looking for as we are espresso only drinkers.

    The Sunbeam does a reasonable job, dont get me wrong but the consistancy isnt as good as it could be.........

    Ive been searching high and low for a replacement machine and have read heaps of reviews on the different machines available and pretty much have my heart set on a Sylvia based on my research, untill the wife found this one, the Magimix Lexpresso

    Unfortunatly i cant find much info on it so i thought id come out of lurk mode and see what the experts here think.
    So if anyone knows anything about it could you please share your experiences?

    Cheers Rob

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    Re: Magimix Lexpresso


    Hi and welcome to CoffeeSnobs....

    The reason you wont find much info here is that I dont think there are any members using that machine....

    It won the Choice test.... IMHO (and most of the members here) Choice know as much about coffee machines as I do about brain surgery - and that is Zero!!! Their results and recommendations are very suspect.

    This machine has a crema enhancement system (as do most at this price point.... produces false crema.... and wrecks the taste.....) so how can it be the best?

    If you want an inexpensive machine - the Breville Ikon is excellent value for money (again you will need to replace the crema enhancing baskets with normal ones)- but the Silvia is the machine of choice (as opposed to Choice) for many members (and the Sunbeam 6910 will be recommended by others).

    Whatever you buy, get a good grinder.... and expect to spend quite a bit on that purchase.... without freshly ground, freshly roasted beans - you wont get quality coffee from any machine - the grinder (and fresh beans) are far more important than the machine itself.

    Enjoy your journey into great coffee.


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      Re: Magimix Lexpresso

      Hi YVG,

      Most of us here would probably recommend the Silvia in that price bracket and for good reason: Its the category killer and makes a great coffee when used well. A bonus is that it holds value very well. Another contender contender is the Sunbeam 6910 which is based on thermoblock technology rather than boilers. Quite a few here have it. Previous Sunbeams have suffered severely with a variety of failures but things appear to be improving with the revised model.

      I try to stay away from boxes of electronics- too much to go wrong. The Silvia is simple, robust has a brass bolier (which is desirable- even over stainless steel) and will still be making great goffee in 20 years....

      We have a great deal on Silvia this weekend. Have a look at