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  • new person with sunbeam em4800c

    I use to own a IQ machine which I got the hang of and it made good coffee and espresso
    Just made my first coffee and espresso with the sunbeam machine,
    What a difference, Smoother taste and easier to use.
    The IQ machine I think was a very cheap one but dont know as it was given to me , but it made a lot of coffee over the last 2 years.

    The sunbeam I think can only be better because the 1st attempt was better than the IQ machine and I can only improve.
    I also own an old atomic machine which I paid $2 for at the local markets.

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    Re: new person with sunbeam em4800c

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs vikingdrive.
    Interesting name; do explain...........


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      Re: new person with sunbeam em4800c

      vikingdrive was the original name of my old wooden sailing boat which has gone to boat heaven (the local dump) due to dry rot.
      The boat was built out of packing case ply which was used for shipping volvos to Australia and the street is called viking drive where the company is. The original builder worked for the factory and got all the wood for free. The boat was renamed to TITSAWORRI when I rebuilt it and that is an other story.
      To keep it coffee related I used to use a stove top lavazza coffee maker on the boat as well as an old percolator on camping fires.


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        Re: new person with sunbeam em4800c

        also new person with sunbeam 4800 cafe series machine and burr grinder. for the record prefer ristretto  no sugar in glass(mrs hans loves a good cap). today a stainless tamper arrived from the e-auction place and .......heaven in a cup. prefer bean by fettish(melbourne based roaster who takes their coffee way to seriously) a mild roast with approx 95% arabica with the rest robusta for the punch. life is way to short for bad coffee.