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  • Breville, Sunbeam or similar?


    Am looking to buy a coffee machine as a gift for my folks. Not wanting to spend more than $200. Ive had a Breville for a couple of years and been quite happy, no complaints. After reading some mixed reviews of Sunbeam machines here, is it safe to stay 0- stick with Breville this time around as well?

    The Cafe Crema by Sunbeam looks like a good machine on paper? But all this talk about Krups baskets and so on, is more trouble than I or my folks want to deal with Im afraid.

    Other there other brands (Krups?) in this price range ( <$200) that you can suggest?

    Not worried about getting a grinder by the way, I know thats a big help for a good espresso, but not really an option at this point.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Breville, Sunbeam or similar?

    Hey Narelle, welcome!

    If youre absolutely set on using preground coffee and pressurised baskets, I dont think it matters too much which machine you get! The biggest difference between $200 machines would probably be aesthetics. There seem to be quite a few Breville, Sunbeam etc on "that auction site", including some retro red ones that are all the rage at the moment... I personally used the cheapest Sunbeam for a good two years without issue. The coffee was consistent, albeit consistently bad

    The supposed all metal construction of the cafe crema cant be a bad thing I guess.

    If you could stretch your budget a bit further and bargain-hunt for a while you could get the Breville Ikon (RRP $350), which has a reputation of good bang for buck at the lower end, and offers the possibility of much improved coffee if they did decide to try out the Krupps baskets and a cheap hand grinder one day.

    Cheers, Matt

    PS - the other option would be to get a $200 grinder and bodum plunger. The coffee is much, much better than supermarket preground and a $200 machine!


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      Re: Breville, Sunbeam or similar?

      Hi Narelle,

      The question I have for you is, why isnt it an option? Is it because youre interested in obtaining a great coffee, or $$?

      Either way, youre probably best to stick with the run of the mill Brevilles if this helps. Nothing else around at that price point Im afraid.


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        Re: Breville, Sunbeam or similar?

        Hi narelle and welcome to CoffeeSnobs...

        Id have to agree with m@..... for the sort of dollars you are looking at, they are all much of a muchness.... and in all cases that is pretty bad....

        The Ikon is the lowest priced machine which can make a respectable espresso.... but that is a fair bit more than you are looking to spend.

        If you arent after milk based drinks what I would personally recommend ia the same as m@ - a plunger and a grinder (doesnt need to be very expensive to grind for a plunger).... and of course - freshly roasted beans....

        Otherwise using preground and a $200 machine... just buy on looks.... but possibly give Krups a miss!!!


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          Re: Breville, Sunbeam or similar?

          Originally posted by JavaB link=1195101463/0#3 date=1195105856
          but possibly give Krups a miss!!!
          Id agree with that ;-)


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            Re: Breville, Sunbeam or similar?

            If steaming milk is a must, how about a cheap blade grinder and plunger with the cheapest machine available to texture milk?

            Unconventional, but would come in under $200


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              Re: Breville, Sunbeam or similar?

              Thanks for the quick replies. I havent looked at the Ikon, will look into that, but yes, perhaps more than I want to spend on the gift. My folks are big on milk based drinks, so Im not sure if that changes things at all....

              Anything is better than the instant they are currently drinking. I buy freshly ground coffee every couple of days for myself, but I think the less my Dad has to deal with the better (i.e. grinding etc)!

              Good to know its neither here nor there in this price range though. I saw the Cafe Crema for 165 - thas a bit hard to resist.


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                Re: Breville, Sunbeam or similar?

                Originally posted by narelle link=1195101463/0#6 date=1195111855
                I saw the Cafe Crema for 165 - thas a bit hard to resist.
                That has preinfusion as well ;-)


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                  Re: Breville, Sunbeam or similar?

                  ...and that must be a good thing? Preinfusion. See Im not sure I even know what that means!


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                    Re: Breville, Sunbeam or similar?

                    Originally posted by narelle link=1195101463/0#8 date=1195167638
                    ...and that must be a good thing? Preinfusion. See Im not sure I even know what that means!
                    Gday Narelle,

                    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs by the way....... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

                    As far as "bang for buck" goes, it is very hard to overlook the Breville Icon in this category. It is quite well designed, has a Boiler(Good) rather than a Thermoblock(Bad, except for the SB 6910 machine which has a much better design, higher price too though) and several other little but clever features. Machines with (typically) aluminium Thermoblocks really leave a lot to be desired when either brewing coffee or texturing milk.

                    If your budget is really tight, then a much better idea would be to buy a Sunbeam EMO 480/450 grinder and couple that with a reasonable quality French Press/Plunger from BigW/K-Mart. This would get you in under $200 and maybe even with enough left over for a pack of really decent freshly roasted coffee to get your friends off the mark. As you might suspect, the most important criteria for really great coffee, is errr.... really great coffee ;D to start with, a decent grinder and a brewing system that one understands the processes of.

                    Everyone loves all those lovely shiny espresso machines that abound in all sorts of stores these days but the truth is, most of them are a waste of money and really incapable of brewing consistently acceptable coffee. Great coffee and a decent grinder is the best way to go when the budget is a bit tight and you would be very pleasantly surprised at just how wonderful a cup you can produce using the humble French Press/Plunger. All the best with your decision.....