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Replacement Parts for Krups machines

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  • Replacement Parts for Krups machines

    Hi coffee snobs,

    I know that Krups coffee makers are not held in the highest regard around here but maybe something can give me a useful pointer anyway.
    My Krups Espresso Nuevo Plus (bought in Europe ca. 1993, it says made in Switzerland) showed some hickups for the first time yesterday after almost 15 years of reliable service and acceptable coffee. A closer look showed that an O-ring is busted (the one on the group head that seals against the portafilter.)
    Is there any chance of getting a replacement O-ring for such an old machine ? Im located in Brisbane. Also, would you go through a dealer or does it make more sense to contact Krups directly.

    This probably belongs in the For Sale/Wanted to Buy section, but if someone has a Silivia or Gaggia Classic (or similar) for sale that might save me the trouble of repairing my Krups.

    EDIT: just realized that this should probably have been posted in the machine specific section, but Im not sure how to move it there.