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KRUPS K2 Premium - worth getting at half price?

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  • KRUPS K2 Premium - worth getting at half price?


    I am new to coffee making and would like to get started to see if it is for me. I imagine i would mostly use the machine on weekends when i have time to clean it. So therefore looking for an entry level machine to get me started with a lowish investment.

    I can get a reconditioned KRUPS K2 Premium XP4050 for about $190 which is better than half price. Includes 3 month warranty.

    Can anyone recommend this machine at this price?

    thanks in advance for your help


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    Re: KRUPS K2 Premium - worth getting at half price

    Dont do it.

    Krups is also known as Kraps.

    Read the thread Kruppy krups just a few threads down for more info.


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      Re: KRUPS K2 Premium - worth getting at half price

      Id avoid it.


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        Re: KRUPS K2 Premium - worth getting at half price

        Welcome to CoffeeSnobs dmw...... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

        If youre really interested in getting a machine that represents good bang for buck, Id keep an eye out on that auction place (that must not be mentioned, sometime referred to as evilBay) as Gaggia Australia often let loose with reconditioned Classics, Babys, etc for extremely attractive prices that includes a warranty period (not sure how long). Ive seen them going for prices not a hundred miles from your stated budget and this would give you an excellent machine to get started off with. You also need to budget for the best Grinder you can afford too.... this is often overlooked when first starting out but a good grinder is even MORE important than the espresso machine itself. The only way to have a chance at producing great coffee is to use freshly roasted, high quality WHOLE beans and only grind enough immediately prior to brewing.

        Supermarket coffee is stale waaaayyyyy before it ever arrives on their shelves, ground coffee is stale within minutes of being ground where-as freshly roasted whole beans will still be acceptably fresh for up to 3-4 weeks (on the outside) provided you store them properly.... NOT in the fridge or freezer but in a 1-Way Valve bag (probably the bag you would have bought them in) in a cool, dark place in the back of a cupboard somewhere. Air, moisture and light are the enemies of fresh coffee.

        With regard to grinders, probably the cheapest acceptable grinder would be the Sunbeam EMO480 used by a lot of our members and will do the job for a while. Its fairly lightly constructed though (lots of plastic where other manufacturers would normally use solid brass or stainless steel) so may need to be replaced with something more substantial further on down the track, maybe a Gaggia MDF or a Rancilio Rocky or La Spaziale Junior. Lots of information about these grinders and more if you scan through the "Stickies" at the top of the Grinders category.

        Our Site Sponsors really look after us here on CoffeeSnobs so I would also recommend that you have a talk with one or more of them, preferably face to face so that they can demonstrate to you on the spot, what all the important criteria are. All the best mate and happy hunting...



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          Re: KRUPS K2 Premium - worth getting at half price

          thanks for the replies ... especially to mal for writing such a detailed message ... the krups on offer was not on ebay but grays which manufacturers use quite often ... in any event i have passed on the krups and will keep an eye out for some of the other brands suggested on these pages.