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Gaggia Evolution...bad idea? Anyone?

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  • Gaggia Evolution...bad idea? Anyone?

    Gaggias good, right...?
    ...even the low end stuff like the Evolution Ive bought that will arrive on Monday...? :-/
    Oh god of caffeine, have I done a bad thing...
    Ive spent about three days giving myself a bad case of information overload trying to find something decent on a tight budget to replace the old krups Artese that died (because it was pressurized, & the filter was just a circle of stainless with holes actually built permanently into the portafilter with plastic! It blew its self to pieces and was going to cost NZ$130 to replace entire portafilter...yes, Im in that small country off to the right and down a bit )
    I wanted something better than a sunbeam/breville etc, and accidentally found a link whilst googling that took me to a gaggia seller in NZ, and the write up they had on their site just sounded so bloody fantastic after reading breville etc stats on aluminium this, pressurized that, that I bought one online...It was cheaper than most of the "high end" breville/sunbeam stuff, but has heavy chrome plated brass filter holder & group, commercial sized filter baskets etc, I just couldnt help myself...nor could I stretch to the NZ$700 for the classic.
    Then I found this site, and have been trawling through it looking for gaggia info to see if Ive made a mistake, but aside from the odd MDF grinder, Baby, and Classic mentioned, I can not find anything on the Evolution.

    Has anyone ever met one before?
    Maybe I can change my mind and send it back before I open the box! But I cant find anything for the same price in NZ that sounds comparable (it cost me $449.85)
    ...and theres always that sinking feeling that my budget will have to stretch to a new grinder, probably the Gaggia MDF, as it just slips in under the $400 mark, by a whole dollar.

    Any help appreciated!

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    Re: Gaggia Evolution...bad idea? Anyone?

    I cant say a lot about the Evo, but I used my Rocky grinder on a friends Evo a while back and managed to get quite a good shot outta it. It definitely is capable of getting some of the good stuff out of it, but it def has potential. You HAVE to pair it up with a good grinder though. Have a look at the Info/Reviews in the Grinders section. Most around the $300 mark like the Iberital Challenge, Ascaso i-mini, will pair up nice. Or stretch it and get an MDF, or Rocky (if you can find one that is still marked at the old lower price).


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      Re: Gaggia Evolution...bad idea? Anyone?

      ooh, Thanks!

      Its good to know that at least it has the potential for a decent shot...
      Im not expecting it to look that pretty, as the outside is all plastic, but it was an extra $250 to get the same insides but with a sturdier shiny exterior

      "Most around the $300 mark like the Iberital Challenge, Ascaso i-mini, will pair up nice. Or stretch it and get an MDF...."

      ...sadly, being in a small out of the way country, a doser-less Ascaso i-mini would set me back $652.50! And the Iberital Challenge $395. Hence me thinking the Gaggia MDF was a better buy at $399
      The pricing is all over the place as stuff all people appear to be importing good quality coffee equipment into NZ to supply the home user, without marking it up massively...