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Baratza Virtuoso grinder?

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  • Baratza Virtuoso grinder?

    Hi all,

    Im a coffee snobs noob, but a major lover of coffee. I dont normally drink much coffee at home as I am fortunate enough to drive past an excellent coffee shop every day on my way to work. As I am moving house shortly and will therefore have a longer commute to work, I will be starting to make more coffee for myself . At home i have a delnghi ec430 which does me for the most part. I am now looking to get a grinder, as I am told that this will do the most for my brew. In my budget range, I am looking at around the $200 mark. So I am currently tossing up between the Sunbeam EM0480 or the Baratza Virtuoso. Essentially the grinder will have to perform decently for esspresso, and I am also looking to get a coffee syphon as I have incredibly fond memories of drinking coffee made in a syphon at Coffee for Conneisoirs years ago on glen ferrie rd, so whichever grinder i get should also be good for a medium grind.

    Can anyone recommend or ward me off the baratza? I know the EM0480 will do a decent grind, but have read some pretty nice things about the baratza as well, and i like the look and weight of it.

    any thoughts or comments appreciated.