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Café Roma - faster shots taste better?

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  • Café Roma - faster shots taste better?

    Hi all,

    Ive been working on getting good coffee from my Breville Café Roma. I have a good grinder (Ascaso i-home) and plenty of excellent, freshly home-roasted beans. Im still using the pressurised baskets until I get a decent tamper.

    To my surprise, Ive recently managed to adjust the grind, dose and tamp to get a few good extractions (ie. appropriate volume in 30 seconds). However, Ive found that the 15-20 second shots - while not quite as rich as the 30 seconds shots - taste a lot cleaner. The slower shots have a certain pungency that verges on that burnt flavour you get from REALLY slow shots (eg. like drippy shots on the Silvia Ive played with).

    It seems that the Café Roma cant quite handle the slower shots - does anyone have an idea why? Does the pressure get too high on these shots? Or is it simply a temperature stability problem?

    Ive not played around much with temp surfing on the CR, but given that the flavour of slower shots suggests too hot a brew temp, Ill try starting the shot at the lower end of the temp wave.

    Any ideas appreciated.