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Which coffee machine - EM5600/EM5800 or another?

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  • Which coffee machine - EM5600/EM5800 or another?

    Hi all,

    I am new to Coffeesnobs and think this is a great site.  My previous experience was limited to reviewing articles in publications like Choice, but I have since realised the error of my ways and wont go down that path again!

    I am considering buying a coffee machine, and am relatively new to the whole thing.  My only prior experience was last year, when I purchased a Magimix lEspresso Program Automatic, which was a complete disaster and I had to return it after encountering problems with a leaking group and other issues on three separate occasions.  Yes, I had it fixed, but these issues kept coming up within the first two mopnths of buying it, so I thought best to cut my losses and return it.   Of course, the decision to buy itr in the first place was partly based on the Choice article.  Say no more!!

    I am now looking to purchase something relatively simple and at the lower end of the price range.  The two machines that keep getting my attention are the Sunbeam EM5600 and the EM5800.  

    Does anyone have a recommendation on which of these they would go for, or indeed is there another machine I should be considering given my price range (which is about $400 at most) and level of experience?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Re: Which coffee machine - EM5600/EM5800 or anothe

    ill get in first and say what everyone else will you have a decent grinder?  as you will notice on reviewing this site, the grinder is the limiting factor and you need to spend at least a couple of hundred dollars on one (preferably more).  If your budget is 400 all up then youre quite limited.  Id look at spending all 400 on the grinder and then look to invest in a second hand machine.

    regarding the will depend in part upon what kind of drinks and how many you need to do at one time.  

    if you provide these details regarding usage, grinder and max budget, youll get some more useful advice  



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      Re: Which coffee machine - EM5600/EM5800 or anothe

      Hi Smokeydeck,

      Thank you for the quick reply!

      I do have a grinder, yes. I got one of those at the time I bought that last terrible machine. So I realistically have a budget of around $400 for the machine itself.

      In terms of usage, it is unlikely I will be making any more than 3-4 coffees per day on average, except perhaps on weekends! But during the week I would say usage would average around 3-4 coffees per day at most. I would probably generally only make one at a time, sometimes two (and sometimes more when people are over for dinner etc). Lattes will be the big preference.

      Many thanks.


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        Re: Which coffee machine - EM5600/EM5800 or anothe

        Welcome Damog.

        What grinder do you have?


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          Re: Which coffee machine - EM5600/EM5800 or anothe

          Id have a punt and say the Sunbeam EM450 or 480 is the minimum for a grinder, and also suggest the Gaggia Cubkia as a few mates are quite happy with theirs. Apart from being able to pick them up sub $250 occasionally [norm is $290-330], they have a boiler and not a thermoblock, a commercial-size grouphead, and are apparently not a bad little machine for the price.

          Having said the above...Im using a Sunbeam EM4800C which I picked up for $180 and think its the ducks guts for me at the moment. Its sitting here wisping a little steam, right next to my PC, from my last cuppo. Honestly? I think its fine for me at the moment, and I cant wait to score some unpressurised baskets for it.

          The main advantage of the 5600+ series is that they have presets and temperature control as well as pre-infusion...which you either like or dont.

          Cheers - boingk