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  • EM4800C New Modification

    I just poured my first couple of God Shots with my EM4800/EM0480.

    Ive done the Krups Filter and gasket but it was a little inconsistent - either gushing or choking and spraying grounds all over my cup - very frustrating. Despite that I though I was getting some good coffee. At least it was better than most chain coffee places...

    After getting fed up with sprayed coffee grounds (id over-tamp and grind fine because the gushing shots didnt taste as good) I bought a bunch of silicone funnels from the REject shop and cut a slightly off-centre hole in one, stuck my group head handle through it and, voila, what I thought was a nice little spray blocker.

    Now Im not sure what happened... (I also gave my machine a good clean and a descale) possibly the tension of the silicone re-inforcing the seal, enabling more pressure without the explosions, but the shot was unbelievable.

    All the things that you read about: slow, even extraction (still quicker than ideal - about 20 seconds) tiger-striping, honey consistency.

    AND the crema! There was a huge amount of it! (initially something like a 3 to 1 crema / coffee ratio) And it was gorgeously speckled, and, most importantly the best shot of coffee I have ever tasted, anywhere.

    Im pretty sure its the silicone funnel seal, cos I never got anything like it even when Id just changed the gasket and basket.

    Does anyone have any thoughts? Ive only changed one thing, but I cant get my head around the science... I mean its not like its creating an air-tight seal around the group head - it should still blow.

    hmm. anyhow ill just try to enjoy my newly excellent coffee and hope that it never changes, stuff the science.

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    Re: EM4800C New Modification

    Congratulations on the mod sounds awesome,

    I would like to see some pics of the device if possible, I usually grind on 8 because I find the grinder makes a mess and for me to get a 26second pull it requires a very fine grind.

    If all it takes is a reject shop mod to get a 1 to 3 crema I am sold!

    Also what did you use to clean and descale your machine?


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      Re: EM4800C New Modification

      Sorry to bring this back again...but...I have been pulling my hair out with my EM4800C with this problem that everyone else is have regards bursting at the group head when the grind is too fine. I know this is not a great machine but it still should not be having this problem. I have tried everything regards the seal and baskets. I keep this machine, which Ive had for a couple of years, in immaculate condition.

      Im am begging you EspressoNewt, could you please show us some photos of this mod. so I can get my head around it more clearly. Im almost bald as it is, my wife would be most appreciative if you were able to help prevent the loss of any more hair.


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        Re: EM4800C New Modification

        i doubt this "sheild" will improve the operation of the machine, from reading this he only made something to stop the grinds spraying everywhere and it goes outside the group handle.

        if your "bursting", the seal is not handling the pressure of the tamp / grind.

        1st step would be reduce the grind (go coarser) ensure your basket is full to the correct height once tamped.

        2nd then i would consider some sort of space behind the group seal, then you can get a tighter seal, which might help.

        3rd upgrade.........

        what coffee are you using? how old is it? what sort of grinder do you have?



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          Re: EM4800C New Modification

          Hi Maheel, thanks so much for a quick reply. I am using a courser grind for the moment, its just that every now and again I will just try and go that bit finer again to try and get the 25-30sec. extraction and bang, there she blows.

          I have tried all soughts of variations on the tamp, grind, and types of coffee. It seems that this machine is geared more towards the ground supermarket coffee.

          The grinder is the 0480(I think thats the number) Sunbeam.

          The coffees Ive been going between are the Lavazza(blue bag), Vittoria and the Illy, all of the whole bean variety. I have worked out that all three have a different grind that the machine will handle but its always too short an extraction.

          Yes, Im looking at the upgrade options at the moment, all obviously depend on the funding. I would love the Rancilio Silvia but my budget is leaning more towards a second hand Gaggia Classic unfortunately.

          Thanks very much for your time on this one Maheel.


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            Re: EM4800C New Modification

            i suggest you swap to a fresh roasted bean and try that. Sourced from one of the many quality roasters who are sponsors or even go direct to Andy in Brown bean bay. OR even try roasting your own....

            you might need to invest in normal baskets (un-presureised) as the pressure ones also create problems

            the supermarket stuff you are using is not helping you and ultimately could be the biggest problem you have.

            The grinder you have is the baseline for "best bang for buck" and can do the job your asking. you need to feed it some better beans....

            fresher beans will normally take a coarser grind to pour a better shot than the stale stuff you are using.

            or switch to a nice plunger or stovetop with good beans and you will make some nice coffee without the dreaded mess.


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              Re: EM4800C New Modification

              Thanks Maheel, your advice is very much appreciated. I will try the fresh beans for sure and report back. I do have an unpressurised Krups two cup basket, it too has a habit of bursting, but as you say, its probably all in the bean.

              Cheers and hope you have a good night.


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                Re: EM4800C New Modification

                I second fresh is best. Tamp just to flatten off test if ok work slightly harder andso on until she blows. These machines arent built of heavy pressurebut u can as seen get goodshots.

                Good luck!!


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                  Re: EM4800C New Modification

                  Danny cleaning these machines is tricky as u cant really useablind filter or it will blow and die. However saying this when had one I used to use some alliminium foil in the base of the basket with a little caffetto in shortsharp bursts with the brew switch. It worked quiet well kinda like a brought boing filter. But do so @ own risk


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                    Re: EM4800C New Modification

                    Thanks for that info.