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    I have $300 to spend on a new coffee machine. I have access to a quality grinder.
    I am a financial member of choice and have read all the choice reviews and I have read just about every post and thread in this fantastic forum.
    Alas, my eyes grow weary and my head spins with all this new found information. I am still no closer to making a decision. All I want is a decent cup of coffee.
    Just when I have decided to buy a particular model I read a negative report and once again I am on the search for an alternate machine, one without a pressure basket, not a dual wall etc.
    Can somebody out there just recommend a decent entry level machine for me please? A machine which will not need to be upgraded with extra parts and components.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Automatic Coffee Machine

    Welcome Boonga.... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Out of interest, which grinder do you have?



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      Re: Automatic Coffee Machine

      My friend has a Delonghi KG100. He says it is pretty good for the price.



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        Re: Automatic Coffee Machine

        Well mate, what I would be wholeheartedly recommending is, that you buy yourself the best grinder you can within that budget of $300 and then save for a machine after that. The grinder is WAY more important than the brew method used and of course, freshly roasted, high quality beans only ground immediately before brewing.

        Ive been using alternative brewing methods for quite a while now (resto of my Bezzera is taking longer than planned) and I have to say, that providing you do your bit and pay attention to the beans and grind, it really doesnt matter what brew method you use as the results are always excellent in the cup, where it counts. Currently, I use a variety of Mocha Pots, Plungers, an AeroPress and most recently (thanks to a very kind CS Member) a beautiful Syphon made by Hario. My only problem of late, is to decide which brewer to use and then go for it.... :
        None of these brewers can really be called expensive but all them are capable of producing excellent coffee. 8-)

        All the best,


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          Re: Automatic Coffee Machine

          Welcome Boonga

          The heading on your post says Automatic Coffee Machine
          These machines in general do not require a grinder

          However please take the advice of the above post if you made a boo boo



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            Re: Automatic Coffee Machine

            My Bad.
            It should have read "Espresso Machine. :


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              Re: Espresso Coffee Machine

              Hi Boonga, I agree with the grinder first concept when on a low budget, which always seems strange to newcomers and makes perfect sense to those with experience.

              Start your research again at about the $1200 RRP mark (before your eyes pop out, keep reading) and see if you can find one going second-hand here on CS at a price you can afford to pay or eventually save for. Something with an OPV valve and an unpressurised basket would be a better start than the frustrations of a pressurised machine.

              If your eyes are still popping out, have a cruise around CS to see how some of the users of under $500 machines are modifying their machines to make the best of them.