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  • Breville 800ES Surprise

    I recently won a Breville 800ES from the local petrol station. I have had a Silvia at work for a couple of years and paired with a Rocky grinder, have been real happy with the combo, so of course the 800ES had to go home. I only drink black coffee with no sugar so any taints are easily tasted. Using the same beans and grind from the Rocky, the coffee out of the pressurized baskets on the 800ES looks O.K. apart from the crema looking a little pale, the taste I could only describe as odd - not really bitter but not really coffee either. I checked on availability of non-pressurized baskets and was told 4 weeks. So immediately attacked the baskets with dremel slitting disc, many thanks to other posters in this forum! The first (and subsequent) shots were pretty close in quality to the Silvia - taste not quite as rich but crema seems slightly more robust, I was surprised how good they were and wondered whether the pre-infusion was helping boost the quality? I have tried manually pre-infusing shots on the Silvia but have to say the result is inferior to a normal pull (I reverse temp surf my Silvia shots). In summary I would have to say with a decent grinder and non-pressurized baskets the 800ES is a capable performer as far as producing a decent shot is concerned.

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    Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

    I too have the Breville 800ES. Paired with a Sunbeam EM0480 grinder I find it makes great coffee 8-).I always use freshly roasted beans and with heaps of excellent advice from reading Coffee snobs I now make an excellent coffee with this machine without too much effort.


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      Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

      after 4 years with CafeRoma, was looking 800ES Vs SB 6910 back in Aug, both machine give a free grinder, most negative comments to SB6910 that were break down within 1-2 years, plus Breville 800ES @$350(with a free BCG450 conical burr grinder) is $200 cheaper than SB6910.
      Thanks CoffeeSnob, with all the knowledges I learned from this site,
      1.cut open the double wall filter.
      2.modified grinder for extra fine grinding.
      3.bought a stainless temper(the temper come with the machine is useless)
      4. :Nobody has done this from I read:-- the bottom drip tray get full in 2-3 days, so I drilled a drain hole, connect a plastic tube to sink, not worry flood anymore
      buy fresh bean every fornights, the coffee taste is miles better than older machine, in my wifes word: ;D better than sex ;D
      Very happy with 800ES!!


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        Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

        This is my first post after just buying a Breville 800 to replace my Cafe Roma that I have had a couple of years.

        I found this board after trying to find more info on the machine and how to get the best from it.

        The Cafe Roma I had before the 800, replaced my first machine, an entry level Krupps machine I had got with my flybuys many years ago, which, with a lot of work on my part, produced a nicer espresso with a very nice crema (at least to me and my friends anyway, in a time when not many people had their own machine). After reading the posts here I figure the reason was the single wall filter.

        Anyway, after a week with my new 800, I get the feeling that it is basically exactly the same inside as the Cafe Roma, but with a nicer outside. The filters are identical but the portafilter handle is much heavier. The steam wand (with the frothing gizmo tossed away) does the same job as the Cafe Roma.

        It takes slightly longer to warm up than the Roma and it goes through a purge upon switch on, and does a pre-brew wetting of the grinds.

        The advantages of the 800 over the Cafe Roma (in my hands at least), is a bigger water container which has a backlight so one can see the level which was a problem with the Roma, and a bigger slops tray which is very necessary because of all the purging etc that goes on behind the scenes. These are two nice touches but probably not worth the extra money.

        The spoon/tamper is tricky to use but at least its smooth surface polishes the grinds nicely.

        A big disadvantage are the fancy silver lights around the silver switches set into the silver surrounds which in my very bright kitchen cant be seen if on or off, so already I have gone out leaving the thing switched on all day.

        The level indicator on the slops tray is very difficult to remove for cleaning, held in place by little plastic lugs which I feel will break off if removed too often (a bit like the flimsy lugs on the battery covers of TV remotes)

        All in all I would say that at more than double the price of the Cafe Roma, I am not getting double the value for my money.

        Having said all that however, I have just ordered a single wall filter, and this afternoon I will attack my Breville BCG450 grinder to perform the "Finer Grinder" mod found elsewhere on this board.

        As for the wet puck, as I leave the machine on to get nice and hot and leave the portafilter in place whilst I drink my coffee, I find the puck dries out in no time.

        A word of warning for those looking to take advantage of the free burr grinder offer at present; I had seen the ads for a free burr grinder but when I went to look,  my local electrical shop said the freebie was just an ordinary spinning blade spice type, so I had to shop around.... it would appear that different shops have different grinders as part of their deal.


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          Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

          Gday, Im a newbie.
          Bought one of these machines a few weeks ago.
          Friggin awesome.
          I was told that it would take me a few months to create a good brew.
          Man, I stuffed a couple up on the first night, but ever since, sensational.
          Paid a bit over 200 bucks for this thing from the factory seconds, so I bought the breville grinder as well as slops bucket. What a setup.
          The lovely worked out the milk thing and she does an awesome job. It doesnt worry me though because I have mine "Strong, Black and Bitter".
          This machine is so good, that I am now buying another outfit for my daughter and family for Chrissie.
          High five to Breville.
          By the way, I learnt to drink coffee in Hawaii, and it has been a long trek to get even close to it.
          I have now found the way to good coffee.
          Slurps and Cheers


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            Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

            Welcome to Coffee Snobs Ricko.
            Im glad youre having fun.

            One observation though.....IMO good coffee is not bitter.


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              Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

              Hi all

              Ive decided to go with the Breville 800ES, mainly due to the fact that at David Jones they have a deal where you get the 800ES, the Breville BarAroma coffee grinder, a bag of Harris Reserve coffee beans AND a $60 David Jones gift voucher for $449.95! Quite a good deal and in my budget, I get more then what I was originally after.

              Anyway, a question I have is, what is the difference between pressurised and non-pressurised filter baskets? I keep reading about people using non-pressurised baskets but dont really know the differences. What does the 800ES come with? Do I need to get different ones?

              Also, with the BarAroma grinder, does anyone know what setting is best to grind for use in the 800ES??

              thanks all!!


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                Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

                Gday mocha.... [smiley=happy.gif]

                If you do a search of the forum re: pressurised, Im sure youll turn up lots of very useful info. Regarding your grinder setting... The grind setting numbers are fairly arbitrary and are really only useful for relative setting adjustments. Basically, when you first kick-off, start with the grinder set a little coarse such that your freshly roasted, high quality coffee feels like Table Salt when rubbed between the fingers. Thats a good starting point.

                Becoming successful at consistently pulling excellent espresso is all about the quality of the beans, getting to know your machine and your technique as a Home Barista; and all this takes some practice. The most difficult aspect to learn is usually associated with dosing the basket and to a lesser extent, tamping consistently level and with the same amount of force each time...+/- 1.0-1.5Kg in the range of 8-13.5Kg. Doesnt really matter where your tamping force lies within this range, so long as you apply it consistently. Using a set of bathroom scales while tamping is an easy way to learn how to become consistent at this.

                One of the best websites around designed to help home baristi become better at what they do, is the Home Barista Website and in particular, this tutorial... as it covers pretty well every aspect of what you need to learn and is well worth the effort to read.

                All the best mocha and have fun....



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                  Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

                  Mmmh I just bought this machine. I dont think I see this additional milk frothing attachment that I keep hearing people mention. The packaging does make certain things quite elusive

                  Wouldnt altering the grind settings on the BCG450 to beyond turkish level make it a little TOO fine? Thought they said it was meant to feel kinda like table salt...


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                    Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

                    the milk rothing attachment is useless anyway, consider yourself lucky that it was misplaced


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                      Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

                      I could see myself trying to find a single wall basket fairly soon for this machine... who can sell one that I can fit directly into the machine without the fuss? (That should read - with minimal part replacement). I dont really fancy the idea of buying too many parts - the discount wouldve been moot :P


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                        Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

                        Someone said that the baskets for the Breville BarVista will fit. This machine is a steam toy (no pump) so the baskets are definitely unpressurised.

                        Id go to a retailer that sells both machines and doublecheck for the baskets being interchangable (by testing yourself of course, not by asking the staff)


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                          Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

                          Thanks kaanage - and now the question about the grind size above - why grind beyond turkish settings...?


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                            Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

                            Have bought the Bar Italia ESP 4/51 1-2 cup non- pressurised basket as a replacement for a Breville BES820 (guessing the same portafilter).
                            Perfect fit & works very well
                            But the Bar Italia 2-4 cup basket is way too deep to fit into the 820 portafilter
                            Does anyone know if the 2-4 cup BarVista baskets fit??


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                              Re: Breville 800ES Surprise

                              Originally posted by 5673647B76515459120 link=1225403591/12#12 date=1234442110
                              why grind beyond turkish settings...?
                              I have no idea. Looking through this thread, I cant any reference to this before your 1st query. Was it in a link somewhere?

                              As for myself, I cant imagine ever using a finer grind than turkish.