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Retirement plan for a much loved Atomic

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  • Retirement plan for a much loved Atomic

    (I have just transfered this enquiry across from the ">$500" area where I had thought the Gaggia g106 would fit but, as I got no replies  , I am hoping that this is a better place)

    First of all... what great site!  I discovered it accidently last Saturday when I was "googling about" researching various coffee machines I was interested in on Ebay...  Ive been back reading and learning every day since    Thank you all so much.

    We have loved and nurtured our Atomic for over 20 years now but it is ready for another service and reseal.  We thought that once that is done we might buy it a helper so it can go into semi retirement.  (At least through the week when, in all honesty, it does take a bit of time and attention, and we are usually running late   :  )

    I started off looking at a new Breville 800ES, but thought I may be able to get something better by looking at used machines.  I have now fallen in lust with a secondhand Gaggia g106.  The reviews I have found are fairly positive but I havent been able to find any information on prices or comments from actual users.  Can anyone give me an idea of a fair price for one of these machines in what I am assured is very good condition?  I would also love to hear if anyone has actually used one and how they found it.

    Any and all advice will be greatfully recieved.

    Cheers - Carrie  

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    Re: Retirement plan for a much loved Atomic

    Hi Carrie and welcome to CS!

    Not too many lever machine owners here and that may account for the lack of response. Could i suggest you email Jack from Sorrentina Coffee (Sponsor to the left of the screen). Hes quite the collector and Id be surprised if he couldnt give you an honest evaluation of the Gaggia.



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      Re: Retirement plan for a much loved Atomic

      Thanks Dennis.  

      Are they not very good?  cos my second choice was a Pavoni... also a lever machine!  (they are sooo pretty)

      Just my luck - Carrie  :-[


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        Re: Retirement plan for a much loved Atomic


        Nice choice that G106, it look to me like the Pavoni Lever.

        I found this information in the met i may help you.

        Otherwise, as Dennis mention give a Jack a call he sells La pavoni, probably he will be the best person to talk about this machines




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          Re: Retirement plan for a much loved Atomic

          Thanks Renzo,

          Yes, thats a great site isnt it.  I found it around the same time that I found this one, and that review is one of the reasons I am considering the Gaggia.

          I have taken Dennis advice and emailed Jack so with luck hell be able to help with some advice.

          All the best - Carrie