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Saeco Cafe Crema superautomatica - Users Guide

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  • Saeco Cafe Crema superautomatica - Users Guide

    My son gave me this machine with no manual and I cannot use it.  I am seeking assistance from anyone with this model, that can they photocopy it, or tell me of a site where they are on, and I will pay for the copy and postage.  any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am dying for a cup of coffee from this machine.  HELP :-[

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    Re: Saeco Cafe Crema superautomatica - Users Guid

    I can pretty much tell you how to use it, we had one at work for 2 years. (assuming it is one of these)

    The three buttons at the bottom are supposed to be three different cup sizes. You put the coffee and water in the hoppers and put the cup under and press one of them. Left to right the shots should get smaller and smaller. The trick to them though is that you can override the default programming of any of the buttons to suit. You do this by pressing and holding the button until the amount of water has gone through the shot to fill the cup to the desired level and then take your finger off the button. This will now remember this level for a single button press.

    If you want to make a double or two coffees simultaneously you just press the desired button twice. It will grind, tamp and dispense a shot and then do another one straight away.

    There is a dial inside the coffee hopper that adjusts the fineness of the grind, you are only supposed to adjust this while it is grinding.

    The middle top button causes hot water to come out of the steam wand until you press it again.
    I dont remember what the other two buttons do. Turn the dial next to the steam wand to get steam to come out.

    You are not supposed to use oily beans in these machines. When it comes time to descale you really will need the manual.


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      Re: Saeco Cafe Crema superautomatica - Users Guid

      Thankyou for you response. Mine is different to that model. It is unbelievable I cannot trace down a manual anywhere. My son made coffee in it before they left, and now I cant get it to work at all. I have used other less fancy models with no trouble.

      I have taken on board what you said and those buttons etc are the same. I will wait and hope someone responds with one.

      Have a great Chrissy


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        Re: Saeco Cafe Crema superautomatica - Users Guid

        Have you asked Saeco Australia or one of their service centres?