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Has anyone seen these?

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  • Has anyone seen these?

    Hi all,just saw this in the paper today, and after reading a few threads about the quality of some of the Aldi stuff,( like the dodgy looking tamper hanging down) I was wondering if anyone else has seen these things, they want $179 for them , Im looking at a members Ikon for sale and I reckon I might be a lot better with that option,( the Ikon) even though the Ikon is new unused it was purchased over a year ago it has no warranty, I would appreciate your experience and opinions here, I have a dying 4800 out of warranty and need something while I save for the dream machine  Thanks Gaz
    btw the spiel says:
       * 18 bar pump pressure
       * Stainless steel finish
       * LCD control panel
       * Removable 1.5L tank
       * 3 coffee temperatures
       * 2 memory settings for customised coffee
       * Hot water function
       * Cup warmer
       * Refill tank indicator light
       * Removable drip tray

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    Re:  Has anyone seen these?

    at that price i would look at the breville or the Sunbeam at the same price
    some parts are available and they are servicasble

    no parts are available for the aldi machines
    and if they have problems i tell people to toss it in the bin



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      Re:  Has anyone seen these?

      The cup rails look salvageable though.

      gaz, look at the coffee in the picture...yuk.

      Drip tray looks tiny. "Removable drip tray" What else? Turn the machine upside down?
      "18 bar pump pressure" = Marketing Hype
      "LCD control panel" = Fancy electronics with chance fail

      Not for me thanks.


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        Re:  Has anyone seen these?

        What a waste of beans!!! :O They look better in a grinder than all over a table like that.

        Oh...the only good looking thing in that picture is the Chrissy Tree in the background. ;D



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          Re:  Has anyone seen these?

          NO NO NO NO
          Dont even think of buying one of these.

          [ch65279]My sister has just moved to OZ from Germany and she brought one of these a year ago. I
          have tried everything to get a half decent coffee out of it and even with fresh ground and
          roasted beans you only get a watery yuk. If you grind a bit finer or tamp a bit harder you get nothing at all.

          These are junk, you’d be better off with a plunger.


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            Re:  Has anyone seen these?

            Ok Ill take that as a NO,
            Thanks from gaz


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              Re:  Has anyone seen these?

              Hey, I got one of these yesterday. Its a pretty impressive little machine, and I have to say that it significanty better than the breville that I had.

              The coffee is a good strength, not watery ?!

              Importantly it froths milk quickly and with good results.

              I am impressed for the price. If you not happy with it can take it back within 60days. Thats a pretty good test run.


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                Re:  Has anyone seen these?

                tidlick1 welcome to Coffee Snobs.

                Make sure you keep EVERY little piece of packaging and paperwork that came with the machine.

                Last time I tried to take something back to that place thats what they insisted on.


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                  Re:  Has anyone seen these?

                  Welcome "tidlick1"....

                  You wouldnt be a fellow Warwick-ite by any chance?