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  • Help with Breville 800ES

    Hi all! I am a newbie looking for some help. Today I bought my first ever espresso machine, the 800ES. I chose this machine simply because the retailer had lost the packaging and a couple of accessories (jug + tamper - no big deal) and I was able to pick it up for $130, which seemed like a pretty good buy.

    However, on getting it home, Ive also discovered it is missing the filter baskets. Can anybody suggest either how to get replacements (Ive emailed Breville, but its a weekend...) or a suitable alternative????

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Help with Breville 800ES

    Hi Lucy,

    Welcome... Ive only been here for about 3 weeks, but have been learning HEAPS by reading old threads.

    Thats a great buy, we thought we were doing well getting one for $229 from the Breville factory shop. We got a couple of unpressurised filter baskets while we were there for $5.00each. If you are in Sydney, the Pyrmont shop is closed on Sundays, but they have another shop in Redfern St, Redfern which may be open tomorrow.

    Good luck.

    Cheers - Carrie


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      Re: Help with Breville 800ES

      Thanks Carrie, thats helpful.

      Unfortunately I am nowhere near Sydney (or any capital city for that matter), but do get down that way frequently for work, so Ill keep that in mind.

      I should point out that it is only the single basket that is missing, so no big deal at the moment either .

      Thanks again.


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        Re: Help with Breville 800ES

        Hi Lucy, and welcome to CoffeeSnobs.

        The single basket being missing is a blessing in disguise. They are usually very different to use from a double and make the learning process longer and more complicated. The CS advice is to throw it in a drawer somewhere and forget it.

        Singles are made using the double recipe, and either saving the other half for an iced coffee, dumping it down the sink, or cutting the shot short and drinking a ristretto.

        I choose the ristretto path as a regular thing, its my favourite coffee.



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          Re: Help with Breville 800ES

          I have a different request for help.

          I have a Breville 800 and a Breville BCG450 grinder but I need some help.

          I have bought a non-presurised basket (the one from a ESP4) and it fits beautifully. I have also modified my grinder to grind more finely.

          My problem is that no matter how hard I tamp, I cannot get the stream to slow down, it takes just 10 seconds (including the pre brew) to reach 25ml (and seroius blonding). This is exactly the same time as with the original basket.

          In addition the crema disapates within 30 seconds or so.

          I have also tried some ground coffee from my local Gloria Jeans, with exactly the same results, so I dont think it is the grind.

          I am sure I am not getting the best out of this machine.

          My wife is complaining about the mess I am leaving on her bathroom scales as I spill grinds everywhere trying to get the tamp right, but I guess I cant expect anyone here to help me in that department.

          So .... What am I doing wrong?


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            Re: Help with Breville 800ES

            GJ coffee will not be fresh enough.

            To slow down the pour you need one or all of the following:
            Fresh beans
            More coffee in the basket
            Finer grind

            Naturally you should only change one variable at a time so that you isolate the cause.

            Other than the GJ beans, what were you using?

            Despite your saying youve modded the BCG450 to grind finer, my first reaction was that the grind isnt fine enough.


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              Re: Help with Breville 800ES

              lucy, if you have a local Breville appliance repair shop (dont know how remote you are), then they can probably order unpressurized baskets from a Breville Bar Italia for you. They (well, the 1-2 cup basket) fit right in the portafilter.

              Then youll need a nice new grinder, and then a better tamper, and ... welcome to coffeesnobs, and looming upgradeitis


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                Re: Help with Breville 800ES

                Thanks for all your help. Looks like Im off to find an unpressurised basket.

                Now, if I can just solve the problem of finding a cool, dry place to store coffee beans in tropical North Queensland...


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                  Re: Help with Breville 800ES

                  Thundergod, you are spot on.

                  I went to my sons place yesterday, as he also has a Breville 800, and he uses ground Merlo coffee which he gets directly from their  Fortitude Valley shop where I believe they roast on the premisis.

                  I pulled a couple of shots from his machine and the 25 mil took around 20 seconds, the crema stayed until the end and it tasted great.... the three things I was looking for! (I will get him an unpressurised filter for Xmas to show him Im not a total ignoramous when it comes to coffee).

                  Now whether Merlo is any good or not is irrelevent at this point as it has proven to me that the beans/freshness has more to do with the the quality of the espresso than the machine/ tamping pressure etc.

                  Now all I have to do is use up the kilo of "Cafe Aurora" beans I got from my supermarket in sweet milky ice coffee drinks which will disguise the shortcomings, so I can then get some decent beans.


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                    Re: Help with Breville 800ES

                    Originally posted by mayhewga link=1228563735/0#8 date=1228955477
                    Thundergod, you are spot on.

                    Its a curse.

                    Im glad you are now on the right path. Enjoy!


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                      Re: Help with Breville 800ES

                      Ive got the 820. Its like an 800 with a pressure gauge.

                      Having got a double unpressurised basket. I too need to slow the pour.

                      So the idea is to pack in very firmly as fine a grind as possible: and level it off right to the top of the basket...correct? If I have the grind fine enough and have packed it in properly, what is a good indication of "success"? (other than some crema...which I have none right now with the unpressurised basket):

                      1/ should the machines gauge go back up to "optimum" pressure again?
                      2/ How long should the pour take with this unpressurised basket/820 set up?

                      Thanks and please be kind to the "novice"



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                        Re: Help with Breville 800ES

                        Welcome "wappinghigh"..... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

                        Im not trying to fob you off but this tutorial series at Home Barista is one of the best around and is well worth your while to read and apply, if possible.

                        Let us know how you get on,



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                          Re: Help with Breville 800ES

                          Thanks for link. Unreal!

                          Even Read it!

                          Yep. All sorted.   Just made myself a great latte with the new low pressure basket. Basically, I made the grind even finer, by setting the Breville BarAroma grinder to "superfine-Turkish". Then filled the low pressure double basket to the top and packed it down a bit with a bit more pressure. Pushed the "double" button (I havent fiddled with the time setting- left it on "factory setting") And presto- pressure valve held at a bit over "optimum" for15- 20 sec. Great pour. Great crema! Nice dry watse! Coolllllll

                          This machines not all that bad with all the help from the "snobs"...nice sub $500 beginners learning toy to play around with and didnt break the its off to the serious barista course....then a serious tamper ....then a serious machine...then...OMG I can see another obsessive hobby coming on...and the consequent eyerolls from the females in my family! :

                          Thanks for all help!


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                            Re: Help with Breville 800ES

                            Further to the saga of trying to slow the stream and discovering that fresh beans means ....everything...(I couldnt think of a suitable rhyming word).

                            Yesterday we took a drive up the Bruce Hwy to one of the sponsors of this site, the Pioneer Coffee Roasters at Yandina, where we tried a couple of their brews and ended up buying 4 bags of different beans to try out. (well we bought three and they threw in a fourth).

                            Now these had been roasted just this week, and when I ground them in my now modified Breville grinder,  they required just a minimal tamp to get what I wanted; a darn good espresso. The shots came out as a nice dark gentle stream keeping the colour for a good 25 seconds... and some.

                            The difference between these fresh beans and those from my local coffee shop is like night and day, I even think I can reduce the grind as it is now coming out like talc. The grinder even makes a different sound (is the oil lubricating the cones)?

                            And all is forgiven on the home front too, with my wife satisfied that my using her best steak knife to modify the grinder and the mess in the bathroom with grinds all over the scales there, has been justified. But now she wants some milk coffees with fancy patterns on top..... no rest for the wicked!

                            Now I saw somewhere on this board about that very topic.......