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christmas present for my parents

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  • christmas present for my parents

    hey everyone
    i am wanting to get a coffee machine for my parents for christmas and not really wanting to spend upwards of 300 dollars (350 max)
    websites say i can get a decent machine and get decent coffee for that price, and thats really all i need and whats required
    currently i am looking at a breville cafe roma and a breville ikon package at target, which comes with a grinder, which according to some posts i have read in other threads, is really not suitable for coffee
    NOTE: my parents are not heavy coffee drinkers, but they do drink coffee if were out somewhere
    otherwise my dad drinks instant
    i however do enjoy coffee
    so we not really the hardcore coffee types, i just thought that could be having better
    so i am currently undecided on which machine to get and getting a grinder(?)
    but also if the whole thing is actually worth it
    would greatly appreciate feedback and information
    sorry if i posted this in the wrong field

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    Re: christmas present for my parents

    Hi coffeenewb and welcome to CS!

    Coffee equipment that comes to mind at around the upper limit of your budget might include the Breville Ikon, if you purchase it from a Breville outlet, where you may find a good discount. Couple that with a Sunbeam 0450 Grinder (or 0480 if you can).

    Dont think you would have anything left over for some fresh coffee beans though, but perhaps there is someone else you know who might contribute to the gift.

    If you can manage this, your parents are likely to swear off instant and enjoy coffee moreso.

    Good luck with it!


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      Re: christmas present for my parents

      Welcome to Coffee Snobs.

      Which websites say you "can get a decent machine and get decent coffee for that price"?

      Cheaper machines take a lot of work to produce a good coffee.
      I understand that the Ikon is capable.

      However, knowing what I know now after getting into this better coffee scene, Id recommend you spend that sort of money on a god grinder plus an Aeropress.

      With freshly roasted beans (not from a supermarket or Gloria Jeans etc) they will be able to make some very nice coffee (much better than instant).


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        Re: christmas present for my parents

        thanks for the input guys
        forgot to mention that i meant cappucinos (or however you spell it lol)
        so the aeropress wouldnt be suitable as it doesnt have a milk frother
        to cuppacoffee, would the 0450 grinder be adequate, im supposing so?
        couple this with a cafe roma or ikon and ill be set?


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          Re: christmas present for my parents

          I have a 0450. It would be adequate.


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            Re: christmas present for my parents

            could i go below a 0450, say an autogrinder, breville does one thats about 70 dollars?
            and to the machine
            im thinking going for the cafe roma, having to buy the grinder puts the ikon out of my price range, and i was only considering it when it came with a bonus grinder, at target, but that grineer is more of a multipurpose one and another thread says its not really that great
            keeping in mind the coffee i want to produce really only has to be noticebly better than instant
            im not into the hardcore dedicated coffee taste and neither are my parents


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              Re: christmas present for my parents

              The 0450 is the absolute minimum quality grinder; so no, the Breville one is a complete waste of $70.
              If the Roma then keeps you within budget, go for it.
              Youll still get plenty of advice here on how to get the best out of it.

              Even if you only want the resultant coffee to be only noticeably better than instant, you will be wasting your whole budget if you dont remember the main things needed.

              * Freshly roasted beans
              * Good grinder

              I understand the need to get the best valkue for the dollars you have and dont want you wasting any of it (almost as much as you dont).
              If you try skimp on the wrong thing for the wrong reason youll end up disappointed.

              Search for some info or start a new post to get some info specifically on the Cafe Roma and if you are satisfied that it will suit you and your parents then pair it with the 0450 and away you go.


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                Re: christmas present for my parents

                Check out the Hardware for Sale thread and youll see a slightly used EM0480 for less than a new 0450.


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                  Re: christmas present for my parents

                  i have now realised since coming onto CS that the coffee and grinder are most important things
                  i think ill go for the 0450, and then whatever cash i have left over ill buy a machine with, would the next step up from a roma be an ikon?
                  other models i was considering are the
                  sunbeam cafe crema, but some say it has a few problems?
                  the krups xp4050
                  breville cafe zenezia
                  and breville cafe modena