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Help with a new Ikon

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  • Help with a new Ikon


    I went out and bought Ikon + BCS450.. it was a bundle $299 at target. (bargain!)
    anyways.. in the morning..I made my first coffee.. not bad..
    wife was extremely happy with it too..

    but.. after 3rd cup.. it stopped working..
    I press the cup button but it just makes the pump noise.. very loud at times but no water comes out of the main head unit..
    steam and all seems to work.. the tank is full and its all warmed up..
    in fact I left it on since 9 in the 4 hours..
    its ok to just leave it on right??

    Any ideas?? should I take the head off and check if something is stuck? it feels as if its something more tho since there should be at least some sort of drip right?

    and if its gone haywired and should I return it? (will they accept it?)
    or.. call up service centre??

    any help is greatly appreciated..



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    Re: Help with a new Ikon

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    Id be taking it straight back.
    If you fiddle with it they may not let you return it and youll be stuck with a broken machine and a grinder with nothing to do.

    I recommend you go get your money back.


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      Re: Help with a new Ikon

      Yeah..I just took it back and they just gave me another one..
      but hopefully this one will do the trick..
      its ok for me to leave it on all day.. and maybe switch it off during night?
      and is there something I must NOT do? eee..


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        Re: Help with a new Ikon

        Turn of the machine only if you need to use it..... dont waste the elctricity and the life of the MACHINE


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          Re: Help with a new Ikon

          So long as you turn it on long enough to warm up (30 minutes) before using it, turning off is OK.

          It depends on how often youll be making coffee.

          I leave my machine on all day but it is a better quality machine and designed to stay on.


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            Re: Help with a new Ikon

            The Ikon goes into a standby mode after about 30 minutes if you leave it on. In the normal state the boiler will be switching on and off every few minutes to keep a constant temperature. In standby it takes a break and also turns off two of the lights on the front. Im not entirely sure what the difference is between the machine being in standby and the machine being off (apart from the power light still glowing) but there is obviously some kind of safeguard to stop it breaking if you leave it on.


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              Re: Help with a new Ikon

              I had this happen once. There is a priming procedure that is printed on a card that comes with the manual. If you run through that it should all work fine again (if it happens again).

              I saw that deal in Target too - I was nearly tempted to buy another machine as backup!