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Fixing Delonghi EC750i

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  • Fixing Delonghi EC750i

    Hi everyone,

    My brother has a Delonghi EC750i :

    Well, the milk frother doesnt work anymore. I said I will look at it and see if anyone can help me repair it on this forum.

    According to Delonghi the milk pump has gone and would be too expensive for them to fix it.

    So, how hard is it to get hold of one fo these pumps and install it myself ?


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    Re: Fixing Delonghi EC750i

    Your best bet might be to contact Graham from Euro (see list of sponsors at left). Though for a sub-$500 machine, Delonghi might be right that it isnt worth the expense of repair (ie you could pick up a new one for a similar price)

    Has a service tech actually looked at the machine? If not, have you checked whether it is something simple like a blocked steam outlet? If you can usually hear the pump during during frothed milk delivery,but can no longer making that noise, then a dodgy pump may be the problem


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      Re: Fixing Delonghi EC750i

      thanks for the reply

      A tech hasnt looked at it yet as it will have to be posted from Darwin and Delonghi basically said its not worth it.

      I will try to hear the pump, thanks for the tip.

      Was wondering though, if it is the pump, how easy/hard it it to

      a) acquire a suitable replacement

      b) install it


      should I just tell them to throw it in the bin !!



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        Re: Fixing Delonghi EC750i

        Pumps or any other parts are difficult to install as long you have the right part and tools.

        good luck