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Parts for an EM5800 - help wanted.

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  • Parts for an EM5800 - help wanted.

    Hi all,

    Our work coffee machine smoked up and died the other day and a colleague (with tech know-how) is keen to pull it apart and attempt to fix it. The company isnt ponying up the bucks for a new one so were wondering if anyone with an EM5800 on the shelf (and has retired it forever) is willing to tear theirs apart and provide us with the bit/s that are needed to fix it. If indeed it can be fixed.

    Will post more details once its been taken apart .... and if anyone can help.



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    Re: Parts for an EM5800 - help wanted.

    Please disregard this post people...The broken machine went walkabout today and no-one around here knows where it went...We have a lot of people coming in and out of our workplace and its assumed someone has decided to do what we were hoping to do repair it and keep it for themselves.

    Thieves in our midst! What is the world coming to?

    If anyone receives a broken EM5800 as a chrissy pressy tomorrow I guess well know where it went ;D