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    Gday All,

    To cut a long story short, I have been using a Sunbeam EM4800C for the last 18 months making at least 2 coffees a day.
    Thats over 1000 coffees with the same machine, so its not unreasonable to think that I have some understanding of the operation and idiosyncrasies of the device.
    Some two weeks ago something changed, the water flow has slowed dramatically and the coffee that it produces smells and looks burnt and is bitter.
    The Sunbeam repairer that I took the machine too said that there is nothing wrong as water flows through.
    He claims that there is no pressure test or temperature test that he or Sunbeam can do on my machine and that his experience tells him that the machine is working fine.

    I havent rung Sunbeam back yet as I want to gather as much advice and leverage as possible before I do.
    Any advice or ideas on how to approach this or where to go from here?

    Any help much appreciated.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas!


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    Re: Sunbeam Warranty Advice

    I dont know about warranty after 18 months but Id be impressing upon them that you know the water flow has dramatically reduced.

    Ask them what the correct flow rate should be.
    How many mls in 30 seconds when not under pressure?
    Thats the test to prove you are correct.

    No pressure or temp test?!!!???
    Sounds like hes talking through his @r53!


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      Re: Sunbeam Warranty Advice

      The problem people have got to "come to grips" with is that these machines are appliances (albeit expensive appliances in some cases).

      In todays world appliances are chucked when they cease operating correctly (or in lots of cases - when a new shinier more "bling" version is released)...

      I date from a time where a television (also an "appliance") could be easily fixed and for relatively little cost.... and the people who serviced these devices knew what they were doing! Today there isnt the demand for these skilled people (customers dont bother to seek them out)..... and if they are do find one - they will be a "board jockey" - a person knowing little about how the item functions- they just follow a fault finding tree provided by the manufacturer.....

      Coffee machines are no different. Quality machines costing $$$$$$$ do have support and available spares - but those in the appliance category are generally to be thrown (even warranty repairs of these machines will often be a replacement of the whole machine.....)

      We live in a disposable world..... one in which customers want a lot of "bang" for little in the way of "bucks"..... and just like the items they have purchased.... must be prepared to "dispose" of their income on an ever more frequent basis.....


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        Re: Sunbeam Warranty Advice

        Originally posted by Thundergod link=1230068441/0#1 date=1230076543
        I dont know about warranty after 18 months...
        I did say the short story!
        Part of the long story is, that when my wife bought my original machine she also purchased an extended warranty from the Good Guys.
        In October the phenolic broke, the whole machine was replaced under the extended warranty!
        So the machine that is playing up now is only 2 months old!


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          Re: Sunbeam Warranty Advice

          ..further development.
          On Wednesday I rang Sunbeam and the lady I spoke to said it sounded like I had restricted water flow.
          She explained that sometimes there can be a lock if you remove the water reservoir to re-fill it and there
          is water still in the base of the unit when you return the reservoir. This sounded reasonable on the phone
          (I was in the car) but as soon as I looked at the unit when I got home I realised that this was not possible.
          The further development is that whilst I was looking at how the reservoir connects to the machine I noticed
          a crack in the base of the cast aluminum tank. It looks like this could be allowing air in? Im returning the
          machine ASAP...