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Help - EM3600 problems

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  • Help - EM3600 problems

    Hi all,

    I was given a new Sunbeam EM3600 recently, but water is flooding out of the base plate of the machine whenever I fill the reservoir up & connect it to the machine.
    I am returning it to Sunbeam for a replacement, but after looking at the reviews this machine has received on the internet, I am wanting to upgrade to a better model.....and this where i need advice.
    I understand that everyone here will probably tell me to go out and buy a good quality grinder first, but I would prefer to get a coffee machine.
    I intend to get the pre grounded coffee (oh dear....I know), and use it with the machine.

    So can you recommend something that will;
    1. retain the water I put in it rather than pooling around my feet. (minimise electrocution...which is always nice)
    2. Make nice coffee with a minimum of fuss. (I have been an instant coffee drinker for some time now, but have always wanted a machine...and have finally taken the plunge)
    3. Make 2 cups at the one time...married bliss
    4. Possibility for cappuccinos ....... at a later date & maybe espressos etc.
    5. Max to spend approx $300 - $350.00

    Many thanks for any help you can give me.

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    Re: Help - EM3600 problems

    I used the EM4800C for some months before upgrading. It did a good job for what it is. I made 2 coffees at a time and frothed milk for 2. I changed to unpressurised baskets fairly quickly, but the baskets that come with it are fine to start with.

    There are others in this range Breville IKON get a good rap from several on this site.

    Good Luck have a browse through the site and you will find numerous threads on various machines with their problems and highlights.