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Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

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  • Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

    I recently bought this machine due to the price. I was so impressed with the ski gear that I purchased and have found if you are careful, you can find very high quality items in Aldi.
    What I have found thus far:
    Yet to find why there is no way to put double the grams of coffee in for two cups.. have rang customer support and am waiting til after new years.
    Can anyone tell me about this portafilla with this rubber insert?? Im going to take it to show my local roaster.
    Water temp seems a bit low.. about 85 degrees but maybe I am not measuring this reliably. I put the milk temp stick under the running water as close to the shower as possible. Has someone got a better way?
    Crema is fine.. bit small.
    I love the digital display and it is packed with functions like the more expensive machines.
    It has heaps of wow factor with friends and they love the coffee.
    I am still experimenting as often the puck isnt quite hard / dry after.
    I was told it is steel rather than aluminium. This stopped me from buying their previous red retro model.
    Compared to my stove top pot, I am enjoying a lovely coffee without the burning (oops did I forgot I had my coffee on!!).
    I have done some research since buying this machine and am very happy. I would have had to spend a lot more to get the same functions. The Choice research shows that price is not much of a factor so it seems to always be a gamble.

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    Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    We have long since come to the conclusion that Choice know nothing about coffee machines.
    Their reviews are subjective and inconsistent.

    I agree that sometimes you can get a really good bargain from Aldi.
    My PC is from them and so is my treadmill; both were of excellent quality and packed full of features youd normally pay a lot more for.
    However I bought my wife a laptop not too long ago and had to take it back and decided not to chance a replacement.

    I dont recall anyone else saying theyve bought one of these coffee machines so you may have to tell us about them.
    I saw them in Aldi the other day.

    What are you using to grind your beans?


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      Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

      I have been using the Aldi organic coffee which was already ground and some lavazza.
      My grinder is the $30 metal style so I have been looking at the burr grinders. I am wondering if this makes a huge difference.
      We have some great roasters on the peninsula so fresh beans is no problem.


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        Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

        Freshly ground coffee, using a good grinder, makes a HUGE difference.

        The cheapest one I recommend will cost you almost as much as the Lumina.

        The Sunbeam 0450 retails around $150.
        Double and triple that price will get you much better quality and grinders that will last.


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          Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

          Hi there,
          I recently bought one of these from Aldi and am enjoying it to a certain extent. However, it did not come with a user manual, and despite all my googling, I cant seem to find anything. I cant work out what all the different symbols mean or how to get a really strong coffee. My coffee is alright, but I could use a bit of extra punch.

          Any ideas. Did you get a manual?


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            Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

            I got the manual. IF you ring Tempo on 1300 886649 they might help you. If not I can run through it with you.
            I bypassed the manual and went straight to the youtube demos and this site.
            The display on the left is the water hardness. It is set to medium by default.. you most likely wont need to change this.
            One cup /two cup.. all good
            water levels.. set it to your requirements
            You can turn steam on or water function with steam button.
            Hope thats a start


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              Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

              Thank you so much. I contacted that number and they are emailing a manual through. I will also check out the demos on youtube. I didnt even know they had espresso making demos there - thats fabulous.

              Thanks again. Big help!


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                Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

                The more I use my Aldi machine and have a look at others the happier I am.
                If you want a really strong coffee if you are adding milk, you can use the double cup button and pull 40ml.
                The crema doesnt seem to be as thick as per higher priced machines claims BUT it is a real one: there is a demo on youtube
                with the sugar going in and sitting on the crema rather than it dispersing it-apparently some machines froth the coffee on the way through
                so it looks like thicker.
                I have only had ONE bought cup since buying it just before xmas and I was happy to come home to mine.
                I had concerns when I started to research this whole thing AFTER buying it (price only considered) but now I am very happy.
                I dont care where it is made: I worked for an importer briefly and if anyone thinks their $230 Made in Italy jeans are not made quite close to home would be disappointed
                Make sure you get a good milk jug and a temperature gauge.
                Check out your local roasters who have awesome little shops full of that stuff and get your fair trade coffee at the same time
                Im glad they are sending you a book!


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                  Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

                  Originally posted by techmum link=1230621062/0#7 date=1231397550
                  there is a demo on youtube with the sugar going in and sitting on the crema rather than it dispersing it-apparently some machines froth the coffee on the way through, so it looks like thicker.
                  Actually "techmum", this isnt really the way to determine the quality of the crema and is most often nothing more than a cheap party trick. The quality of crema is totally down to how it tastes and affects the overall experience of drinking an espresso. It just so happens that some truly beautiful crema from some of my brews didnt "look" all that wonderful from the outside, larger than usual bubbles, etc but boy, was it good going down..... 8-)



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                    Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

                    Found a more course grind works better...pump seems to struggle a bit if too much coffee in there for 2 cups and packed too tightly.
                    I put in 9-12gm, set to 2 cups at 30 or 40ml to make my cappuccino.
                    I get a very nice strong one with yummy crema. Getting fresh beans has made a huge difference.
                    Am no longer buying coffee at every opportunity and waiting until I get home to relax with my own brew
                    8-) : :P


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                      Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

                      I must say here that making a better coffee than most cafes is not hard unfortunately.
                      Techmum, welcome to the wonderful world of coffee.
                      May I make a couple fo suggestions to increase your coffee experience and lengthen the life of your Lumina.
                      Use filtered water - for flavour and maintain machine integrity.
                      Use a triple action descaler (Bombora a site sponsor has this) on a regular basis to flush out remnant coffee oils. I suggest using a mild solution at least once a month just to break down the coffee oils that build up in the head (where you put your coffee). One big difference between the domestic and the prosumer machines and even the Silvia and the Gaggias is you cant back flush effectively to clean the head, so the oils just keep building up.
                      The next piece of advice is to buy a good grinder, it really truly makes all the difference. But work out first if you are going to be happy with your Lumina once you get the grinder. You may find, like many others on this site that you will not be satisfied until you have a Giotto and Robur sitting on your kitchen bench, but then again there is nothing to say that you cant pull great shots (that you are happy with) from a domestic machine if you have a good grinder next to it.



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                        Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

                        Hi, I also bought an Aldi signature Lumina espresso machine $179.00, which I was quite happy with, cuppacino like from a cafe, but recently the milk is not creming like it was, I cant seem to get a head on it, just bubbles and then the milk comes to a boil. Have any of you experienced the same problem or do you do anything special for cleaning it after using. I usually clean the nozzle with hot water and wipe it down just after making the coffee. Any advise Please would come in handy. Im really disppointed it is not working as well as it was.



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                          Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

                          Good to hear that other people have been reasonably happy with their Aldi machines, I might give them another go. I recently bought on on clearance for $99 from an Aldi near work but only got two coffees out of it before it refused to turn on any more. The power button wasnt even lighting up - not good. I returned it to an Aldi closer to home (couldnt be bothered driving to the one near work on a weekend) but they didnt have any replacement ones there.


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                            Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

                            Originally posted by 54686572657361000 link=1230621062/11#11 date=1235206505
                            ....., but recently the milk is not creming like it was, I cant seem to get a head on it, just bubbles and then the milk comes to a boil. Have any of you experienced the same problem or do you do
                            Hi Reisa,

                            there has been a national problem with the milk of recent weeks. It seems to be a lack of protien caused by high temps in some lots there is a thread here to have a read of So it may not be you


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                              Re: Aldi Lumina Signature- $179

                              Just had to laugh. Ive been looking at coffee machines on eBay and have seen sellers trying to sell this machine for up to $299
                              Its amazing what people try to get away with.