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  • new basket & tamper

    Hi all,

    I have a pressurised machine (Breville BES820) which comes with a crap-plastic fantastic tamper! I want to get one of those Pullman tampers, but I also want to get a non-pressurised basket or two, so I figure I need to get the basket first, then get a tamper that fits.

    So, my questions are:
    1. which basket(s) will fit the portafilter? Ive seen a few threads which say some standard baskets fit similar models, but I cant find a definite answer that Im happy to go to a shop with
    2. Will I be able to use the same tamper with the new and existing baskets?

    Im happy to get a Breville replacement if I can (cant find out where though) and do the hole-punching myself. I could also borrow a micrometer and measure it if required.

    would the Breville Bar Italia unpressurised basket fit? (

    Thanks for the help

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    advice before I buy a new basket from a shop

    After ringing the Breville service agent in the NT, who isnt the Breville service agent any more, he told me to ring a place called Denver Enterprises - anyone heard of them?

    They have a bunch of baskets in-store, so Im going to drop in this week with my portafilter and original baskets and see what they have.

    Before I do - is there any advice you guys can give me on baskets? Im going to go unpressurised (was kinda looking forward to that mod myself, but he doesnt sell dual-walls!)

    Anything you have to tell me would be more than I know already! Thanks.


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      Re: new basket & tamper

      Gday Iain,

      Yes, the Bar Italia baskets will fit from what Ive read but some people have experienced some problems with the size of the holes in the bottom of these baskets namely, theyre a bit too big and allow some fines to sneak though. Theyre pretty cheap though so if you can get one of the ESP4/1-2 Cup filters, give it a try and see how you go.

      A lot of people also use Krups Baskets but Im not sure of the part number details for these. These arent perfect either though as they have a slightly smaller O.D. than the genuine Breville baskets and as a result tend to fall out with the puck in the knock-box. Probably best to try one and if this isnt doing it for you, give the other type a go. All the best



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        Re: new basket & tamper

        Iain / Mal

        The ESP4 baskets will cause you a problem if you want a close fitting tamper..... they dont have parallel sides (taper inwards) and the level marks are stamped in towards the centre of the basket..... You need a smaller tamper to clear these.... and a smaller one again if you intend to use both dose levels....

        I was making a tamper for an Ikon with a replacement basket (suspect it was Krups but the customer didnt say).... not sure how well it fitted the machine.... but was very well made and easy to make a tamper which was a perfect fit.....

        Not a huge concern if you arent interested in a fitted tamper.... but you might have to use a smaller tamper than desirable and the NSEW tamping technique with a ESP4 basket..... certainly one of the worst basket designs I have come across (even a Silvia "single" basket looks great by comparison).... :


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          Re: new basket & tamper

          Sounds like a beauty JB ........