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Sunbeam EM5600 Modification Question

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  • Sunbeam EM5600 Modification Question


    I am new to this forum, but have been doing a bit of reading after originally searching google
    about the Sunbeam EM5600 machine, and finding this website.
    I have read a few posts about modifications to these machines to produce a better pour etc, but I cant seem to find the start of the posts in order to find out why parts are being changed, and what a pressurised vs non-pressurised basket is. I realise the stock basket that comes with the machine is a double skinned basket. Is this what makes it a pressurised basket? Over one with only one skin making it non pressurised?

    Which seal is better? the Breville 800ES/192 seal, or the Krups Group Head Seal (MS-620342)?
    Which basket is better? the Breville ESP4/78 basket filter ("2-4 cup") or the Krups one, which I dont have a part number for (does someone have this?)

    What other parts of the machine have people modified, and why? Something about a crema enhancer?
    which part of the machine is this?

    Any help would be appriciated.
    We hsve a machine that has been replaced 3 times now, 2 for the tray at the bottom rusting (has
    anyone else had this problem?), and one for the water knob on the right failing to stay on for a
    We are finding we have to turn the handle to the right of centre now, compared to when we got it it only had to be in the centre. I assume this is a sign of the seal starting to wear?

    I am mainly wanting to find out more about the modifications, starting from the beginning, and what parts have been replaced to produce a better pour/better resulting coffee.

    I am using freshly roasted beans, which I am getting a great coffee from as it stands, but am always looking for better. We mainly make flat whites and lattes, however there is also a long black every now and then.

    Kind Regards

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    Re: Sunbeam EM5600 Modification Question

    From my little experience the Crema Enhancing part IS the pressurized filter. So much volume of coffee being squeezed through a single tiny hole causing pressure so it foams up and causing fake crema.

    I understand the reasoning behind crema enhancing/pressurized filters from the makers point of view (trying to give everyone seemingly good coffee). But from the Coffee Lovers standpoint, this is the stupidest thing and a complete waste of our time.


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      Re: Sunbeam EM5600 Modification Question

      These machines are marketed to those who use preground bricks from supermarkets, hence the need for the pressurised PF. Even with an unpressurised PF and fresh ground beans, their shot potential is very limited.

      The Sunbeam Ristretto which is even cheaper but a boiler machine can actually make a better espresso than these 53mm thermoblock Sunbeams and Brevilles.

      With any of these, the PF can be depressurised by grinding away the base (which has one tiny hole) to expose the bottom of the insert (which has many tiny holes). You just need to ensure that a small amount of metal still surrounds the base of the insert so that it doesnt blow off.