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Saeco Via Venezia reviews?

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  • Saeco Via Venezia reviews?


    I was wondering if I could get anyones opinion on the Saeco Via Venezia. I am looking to pick up a second hand unit and saw this one available.

    Any advise would be appreciated.

    Especially on what price I should offer!


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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia reviews?

    I have one and I like it.

    Vital stats:

    * stainless steel boiler
    - much better than a thermablock (ie almost any sunbeam)
    - better than an alluminium boiler (ie gaggia) which will corrode

    * pressurized group head
    - this is a bit funny but it works fine. If you are using supermarket coffee, get lavazza il perfeto espresso ONLY, and you can do decent shots
    - you can easily pull it apart and remove the pressure mechanism in 2 minutes, and then if you have a tamper (53mm) you can get much better coffee, even with lavazza!

    * slightly short steam wand
    - but this is no problem. just remove the outer plastic thing and keep the inner plastic nozzle on and you can do good milk. steam pressure is many times better than any sunbeam I have used (thanks to boiler rather that thermablock)

    * nice stainless steel

    * you can pop a lid on the top and put more water in

    * seems like a very sturdy and reliable machine
    - ie no electronics inside it to break

    * has a good reputation, lots of snobs here recommended it to me as a good entry level machine that can actually make high standard coffees

    Put it this way: I dont drink coffee at cafes anymore.


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      Re: Saeco Via Venezia reviews?

      Price - I got it 6 months ago for $424 from Myer new, with 15% off.


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        Re: Saeco Via Venezia reviews?

        I have had a Saeco Via Venezia for a couple of years now!! Since 2005

        Good machine.
        But I have replaced the group handle from a pressurized to a non pressurized. A part from Saeco service centre.


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          Re: Saeco Via Venezia reviews?

          My opinion:

          Best machine in its class, which would be "small domestic", say from $100.00 to $500.00 bracket, machines not having a group solenoid valve.

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            Re: Saeco Via Venezia reviews?

            Thanks for the advice. After more research I am now thinking that I may be able to extend myself to buy a second hand Nemox/Mokita (with the built in grinder) at a price juts in my range. I think it will come down to the Via Venezia or the nemox depending on where and if I find a reasonably priced second hand one.

            A slight step up from my current aeropress.

            Thanks for everyones input. It has been very helpful