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EM5600 issues

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  • EM5600 issues

    hello everyone.
    i am not really sure how i ended up here but i am hoping someone can help me as i am almost ready to give up to go and but a coffee!
    i have just bought a sunbeam em5600 and am trying to run the water from the reservoir through it for the first time but it is leaking! i have checked to booklet and the troubleshooting section but i cant seem to find any information on why it is leaking. it seems to be leaking from between the drip tray and the actual silver part of the machine. i have checked the reservoir and it all seems ok.

    i am a lilttle bit embarrassed as i am sure there is omething so easy that i am overlooking. if anyone can help me i would be very grateful.


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    Re: EM5600 issues

    If this persists and it is not a spillage or something that you can identify and is literally a faulty ,grab your receipt and take it back to place of purchase,this product has a 12 mth replacement warranty.


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      Re: EM5600 issues

      Make sure your driptray is pushed in correctly to catch run-off and the reservoir is pushed in position ok. Otherwise, go back to seller.

      I have a SB 4800c which is dribbling water from underneath the topsection of the machine (still works alright). The water only starts running down after I start using the steamer wand (any other CSs had that problem?).

      Unfortunately, just out of warranty (no repairers within 400kms)....not worth the courier cost, repairs and parts >



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        Re: EM5600 issues

        Hi Tamara and CSrs,
        On some machines there is a drain tube which empties into the tray at the back of the drip tray, if this is poorly aligned it may not empty into drain tray but into the bottom of the machine or under the drip tray.
        It may be easy to realign, heres hoping.


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          EM5600 playing up

          Hi everyone. I have had an EM5600 for about 4 years and it has started playing up. Normally when I turn it on the temp display shows it warming up etc and then shows "ready" and will stay there for some time (5-10mins) before going into standby. But in the last few days it will stay in ready for only about 3-4 seconds before dropping into standby. I will turn it on again, it goes into "ready" again, but the shot seems a little cool I think, and it again drops into standby very quickly.

          As a side note, it never keeps the correct time, particularly when I have been away for the weekend and it has gone into off mode from standy. When I turn it on the time has always changed radically. Not that any of that matters.

          Anyway, does anyone have any ideas on the Ready/standby problem?

          Might it be time I upgraded to a 6910?? (cant seem to find a low $500s priced one.)