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Gaggia Carezza Coffee Snobs HONEST review PLEEEEEEASE!!!

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  • Gaggia Carezza Coffee Snobs HONEST review PLEEEEEEASE!!!

    Hi there all,
    I am a newby here and I really really wanted to get some honest reviews/info/opinions on the Gaggia Carezza Coffee Machine. I have the opportunity to buy one at a cheapish price so I was wondering if there are any CS members out there that have any opinions good or bad on this Machine.
    Any info would be most helpful!!!
    Thanks heaps in advance.

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    Re: Gaggia Carezza Coffee Snobs HONEST review PLEEEEEEASE!!!

    I had one for about 3yrs , it worked well and was used every morning & every night. I was very happy with it. I bought it in `02 or`03 - anyway not long after we got them into the store , and it died in `05. I then bought a Saeco gran Crema which was still working when i picked up my Bezzera in April this year.
    After the first nearly 2 yrs it needed to have the brew valve replaced which cost about $75 from memory. about a 6mths later it happened again and then it stopped working all together a bit after that.
    In the machines defense it was used everyday of the week & more days than not it was left on when i went to work and was still on when i came home 8hrs later then used for anothr hr or 2.
    This machine was not meant to be left on and i am surprised now that it didn`t pack it in sooner with that type of treatment. On the weekends and days off i used to leave it on all the time - the machine led a hard life and i am sure that it would have lasted longer had i not flogged it. The Saeco Gran Crema that replaced was only on a max of about 2 hrs a day 1 in the morning and 1 at night and it`s still going - i passed it onto a friend of mine.
    I was very happy with it and the coffee i made with it. It did alright with BBQs and when company was over, just had to wait a bit in between frothing and making coffee.
    There is a lot more to chose from in this price range now than back then
    Hope this helps. This is just my experience with the machine. As i used to sell the Gaggia domestic machines, i seldom heard of horror stories about it.


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      Re: Gaggia Carezza Coffee Snobs HONEST review PLEEEEEEASE!!!

      I have one which I got 2nd hand about 6 years ago, so its about 8 yrs old.
      It makes 4-6 coffees a day, and has done almost every day since I have had it, that is a LOT of use. I have left it on overnight, mamde up to 20 coffees in a row in it, etc.
      The only thing I have ever done to it - apart from regular cleaning - is the usual gasket replacement every year or 18 mths, as needed.
      It is a GREAT machine for a newbie, its not common to get a cheap beginner machine with a full commercial size grouphead and solid brass portafilter etc.
      Definitely get it. Mine cr@ps all over my friends Sunbeams etc. Just make sure you also get a grinder, a Sunbeam EM0480 is the best beginner model.


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        Re: Gaggia Carezza Coffee Snobs HONEST review PLEEEEEEASE!!!

        Hi PG and CSrs,

        I have been using a Carezza at work now for a little while and love it.
        The worst thing about it is the drip tray is too small, apart from that functionally they are a near perfect machine in their category and fab value for $.
        Do yourself a favour buy it.
        Ill have it if you dont, it would keep me medicated untill my hearts desire comes to Daddy (Gaggia Classic/Delux)



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          Re: Gaggia Carezza Coffee Snobs HONEST review PLEEEEEEASE!!!

          my quick cents
          had one for about a year. never failed once.
          take off plastic turbo frother and it froths ok, but the wand is short.
          good sized handle for the price.
          drip tray is definitely the dumbest i have ever seen.
          have given it to a friend who says it is still working great.
          no 3 way solenoid so need to wait a while after the shot, or do a portafilter wiggle gently to avoid big coffee sneeze all over you and surrounding metres or kitchen...


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            Re: Gaggia Carezza Coffee Snobs HONEST review PLEEEEEEASE!!!

            WOW thats some great feed back thankyou. You know what... I think I might just buy it.......cross fingers that she has cleaned it regularly but she does say that it is in excellent working order and has never missed a beat. Ill let you all know how I go. Looks like Im picking up my new second hand baby tomorrow!!!!
            Thanks again guys....


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              Re: Gaggia Carezza Coffee Snobs HONEST review PLEEEEEEASE!!!

              If it needs a good clean, there are plenty of resources on the web on how to pull off the shower screen and plate and replace the gasket, which takes about 5 mins, and its easy, and a gasket is under $10. And every place sels descaling/cleaning liquid.


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                Re: Gaggia Carezza Coffee Snobs HONEST review PLEEEEEEASE!!!

                Thanks SheikYerbouti we picked it up today and it was filthy aggghhh I have no idea how this woman drank anything out of this machine!!!!! BUT she loved it she was sorry she had to let it go (moving OS). WE washed him up very very well and soaked and soaked and descaled and it is pretty freekin awesome compared to my previous machine the Sunbeam. Takes about 23-25 secs to pull a great shot so Im very very happy. I do not use the disk I got told to disguard that straight away. So far so good.....grinder is next purchase!!!!!!! Oh and a new tamper!!!! Oh and and and and and and  LOL

                Just a question: When I have finished and Im cleaning up after emptying the water tank do I let the pressure out of the machine through the steam noz?? OR do I leave it alone????


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                  Re: Gaggia Carezza Coffee Snobs HONEST review PLEEEEEEASE!!!

                  Late reply, but yeah when I had my Carezza I used to open the steam nozzle to relieve the pressure in the group. It didnt solve the problem entirely but it definitely improved it.