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Nuova Simonelli Mia user experience?

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  • Nuova Simonelli Mia user experience?

    Hi coffeesnobs,

    After being perfectly happy with a Hario syphon and a manual grinder for a good few years, I have found CoffeeSnobs. What have you done to me! Within two weeks of joining I was roasting my first popper batch, within a month I got my La Sorrentina and now less than 2 month from joining I have my Rocky. I wasnt going to buy an espresso machine until we have our kitchen renovated in the new year, but I NEEDED something to play with until then and I saw a secondhand red Nuova Simonelli Mia on an auction site so got it (complete impulse buy!). I admit it was really silly of me but it was small, cute and red, who could resist? (I think I said the same thing when I got my fire engine Grindenstein which, BTW was a good buy.)

    Anyway I tried doing some research on this machine online, and have also read the manual that came with it. The manual tells you very minimal information and online resources are limited as well. I found one review ( on Coffeegeek and also found a parts diagram on Nuova Simonelli USA site ( plus a few posts on a german coffee forum. I was hoping someone on CoffeeSnobs who has had some experience with this little thing can give some input as to how to clean it.

    1) Can I do a backflush on Mia? I understand that backflush is done only on machines with 3-way solenoid valve. I dont think Mia has a 3-way valve, but the parts diagram does mention a ELECTROV. 2 WAY 220V. 1/4" (whatever that means ). It is located near the tank water inlet area, rather than the other end i.e. grouphead so I am assuming that this is not the same thing as 3-way solenoid. But then my Mia doesnt give me a portafilter "sneeze" when I remove the portafilter immediately after I switch off the brew button, and I read that machines that are not equipped with 3-way solenoid WILL give you portafilter "sneeze". I am confused. :-/

    2) Can I use the all-in-one descaler/milk line cleaner/coffee oil remover liquid to clean my Mia (like Espresso Clean @home and Cino Cleano red bottle)? I am thinking yes but please correct me if I am wrong.

    My Mia seems to be in very good condition externally as the previous owner has only used it twice and had since stored it away. Condition inside of the machine is uncertain as I havent opened it up but when I initially ran 3 litres of water through the system the water came out clean so I am hoping its okay but would like to buy a cleaning product to use with it. I would appreciate anyones input.

    I realize Mia is a "toy" level espresso maker but I got it for a bargain price of less than 1/3 of a Rocky so I am hoping it will tide me over until early next year when I hope to buy a decent machine (maybe $1500 or so) to put in my renovated kitchen. Mia is great to look at, I can tell you that! And I am fine-tuning my grind and tamp as well as microfoaming using the 2-hole tip on the Mia. I was finally beginning to get some decent microfoam from the La Sorrentina/Atomic 4-hole tip so re-adjusting is easier because Mia is slower and more foregiving. My latte art is an abstract art ;D at this stage so Ill work on that later but will want to better my brown liquid and white liquid first.

    So to CoffeeSnobs who have used Nuova Simonelli Mia, are there any tips in getting the best (of what its worth) out of it? I searched this site and there were two threads on NS Mia so hopefully I can hear from them.

    Ill stop rambling now, I had 3 double lattes in a row before I started on this post and I am feeling the effect. :P