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EM5600 + EM0450 issues

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  • EM5600 + EM0450 issues

    Hi all,

    Apologies if this has already been discussed before but would appreciate some help on the above combo. Im fairly dumb when it comes to common terms however understand the fact that Im using a pressurised filter and probably want to switch to a non-pf.

    Ive had the em5600 for about a year now and just recently decided to purchase a grinder for want of a better cup of coffee! Usually I get the coffee ground for "espresso" so Im unsure what setting they use on their grinder. I probably should pay more attention.

    Im using the following beans,, as this is what I normally drink from my local coffee shop and love the taste.  The problem Im having is that when I set the grind to fine, between 12-15 for espresso according to the manual. The machine is struggling to push water through the basket to the point where theres no flow of coffee at all apart from a couple of drops. Im only lightly tamping as the first time round I put too much pressure on.

    If I set the grind to ~20 only then do I get flow albeit uneven with one side flowing then starting to drip.

    I decided to try without any coffee in the basket and the flow is uneven so Im guessing its an issue with the filter? Would I benefit from switching to a krups non-pf basket? If so what model # would I be looking for? I dont have any tools handy to mod the existing basket.

    Again apologies if this has been discussed to death and thanks in advance for any help

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    Re: EM5600 + EM0450 issues

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    Using a pressurised basket means the grind fineness shouldnt matter as all the water is eventually going out one small hole in the outside wall.

    If you are noticing a difference between 15 and 20 on your grinder then I suggest that 20 is even finer than the said hole.

    As for why it struggles at 15, either it too is too fine (try grinding on 10) or theres a build up of gunk between the walls of the basket.


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      Re: EM5600 + EM0450 issues


      Wouldnt 10 be even finer? The lower the number the finer the grind I thought, 20 being more course.

      The basket has had minimal use so not sure theres much build up


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        Re: EM5600 + EM0450 issues

        Originally posted by 5A49494A280 link=1270439541/2#2 date=1270443467
        Wouldnt 10 be even finer? The lower the number the finer the grind I thought, 20 being more course.
        Oops. Youre right.
        I sold my Sunbeam grinder a few moths ago after a long time not using it and have forgotten which way went courser.

        Yes I meant to go courser but as you cant go much further, do you notice much difference in the grind 15 - 20 if you rub it between your fingers?

        An uneven pour suggests either the machine or the spouts arent level as the one exit hole should be in the middle of the basket.


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          Re: EM5600 + EM0450 issues

          I can feel the difference between 15 and 20 yes.

          I took the plastic thing off and noticed a metal shaving in the middle of one of the lanes, for want of a better word, so got rid of that and seems to poor evenly now.


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            Re: EM5600 + EM0450 issues

            Hey Raab,

            Id suggest you get a non-pressurised filter - whereabouts are you located?

            I found, through the help of Chris from Talk Coffee, that when using the pressurised filter on the EM4800 that the ground needed to be coarser - almost plunger. If it wasnt this coarse, the machine simply wouldnt have enough pressure to push through a puck consisting of a finer grind and if you didnt wait for a while after the attempted shot, when removing the portafilter youd almost get an explosion of coffee ground! A fine ground puck itself creates its own resistance, so having to force it through the tiny pinhole in the pressurised filter as well, makes for a highly pressurised portafilter and little result!

            I change it to a non-pressurised filter and used a finer grind - excellent results! The coffee puck itself creates the pressure and you get the natural crema, rather than the artificial aeration of the coffee through the pressurised filters pinhole. Conversely, if you use plunger grind in a non-pressurised filter, you get something resembling dishwater!

            Sorry about the long post and rambling, but in short:

            If youre keeping the pressurised filter - use a coarser grind
            If youre changing to a non-pressurised filter - use a finer grind, letting the coffee puck create the resistance and crema.




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              Re: EM5600 + EM0450 issues

              I got a EM4800 and just changed over to a double un-pressurised basket.

              When I lock the handle into the machine and start it up, I find that the handle trys to unlock itself . Is it caused by the pressure? What needs to be replaced? hmm.


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                Re: EM5600 + EM0450 issues

                Perhaps the group seal? If you look underneath, you should see the rubber seal underneath. Check and see the condition of it, it might need replacing (simply unscrew the flathead screw and replace it).

                I actually changed mine to the Krups one on the advice from this forum, as apparently it prevents blow outs and has a better fit with the modified portafilter.

                How are the shots that are coming out of it?


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                  Re: EM5600 + EM0450 issues

                  Hmm I bought a new seal the other day at All Appliances , gave him the krups seal parts number but he didnt have the list and told me this one would work. Could it be fitting error?

                  But I also ordered another one from Ellis Electrical yesterday and they said they were the same size. I ordered another just incase, quoting the krups part number.