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Saeco Via Venezia vs Gaggia Classic

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  • Saeco Via Venezia vs Gaggia Classic

    Hi Guys,

    After much research, our choice was down to the Saeco Via Venezia or the Gaggia Classic & to purchase a separate grinder.

    On the weekend we purchased the Saeco Via Venezia machine & a grinder. It was easy to use & produced a great coffee. We had it for 3 days & the spring mechanism in the porter filter broke... back to the shops. The store asked us to return the entire machine & swapped it for a new one. Got home, unpacked the new machine & ran through the set up again. This time the seal within the porter filter would not release, the pressure built up & water was spilling out the group head. Rang Saeco, confirmed machine was faulty... back to the shops.

    So now we are thinking about buying the Gaggia Classic. We really liked the Via Venezia but are reluctant to give it a third go in as many days.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia vs Gaggia Classic

    Hi Koko,

    Welcome to CS!

    the VV is a great little machine. weve had 3 in our extended family and 2 are still going strong after about 6 years now.

    regarding the mechanism in the group hand "porter filter".... if you buy another VV make sure you disassemble the mechanism and throw it in the bin. this is used to pressurize the basket. you will get much better results from an unpressurized basket, but youll need a metal tamper. (search this section to find previous posts on how to disassemble the mechanism if you cant figure it out)

    that said, the Gaggia is great little machine too and already comes with an unpressurized group handle, though you will need to buy a good tamper to replace the silly plastic one.

    on either machine make sure you take the outer plastic sleeve off the steam wand (leaving the smaller plastic tip underneath). or replace the gaggia classic wand with a rancilio silvia wand (available from site sponsors <-----)

    either machine is a good entry level option. the most important decision, however, is the grinder (and fresh beans) which one did you buy?

    all the best,



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      Re: Saeco Via Venezia vs Gaggia Classic

      Pretty well what sd said about the VV. They have been around for years and are capable of a decent coffee once the group handle has been "fixed", and decent microfoam once the steamer has been "fixed". (Both these fixes are easy and reversible!)

      I know nothing about the Gaggia.



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        Re: Saeco Via Venezia vs Gaggia Classic

        Thanks Sd & Greg.

        We bought the Sunbeam cafe series EM0480 grinder.

        Decided to go for the Via Venezia again because we were slightly attached to it after making 10 coffees ;D I made sure I chose a box from a different batch & so far, so good...


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          Re: Saeco Via Venezia vs Gaggia Classic

          Glad you got what you wanted.

          Ensure you do the mods--they really do make a difference, and the 0480 is capable of grinding espresso fine. (The mods are detailed on this site--a search will surely find them--note the default search range is only ONE WEEK!)



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            Re: Saeco Via Venezia vs Gaggia Classic

            Hi Greg,

            Read about you writing about fix for the group handle and the steamer. Do you have the links to detailed how to fix them? Thanks