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  • Sunbeam EM4800 tips

    Hi All,
    For those with this machine and their similar ilk, Ive developed a few techniques Id like to share:
    Im using breville/krups unpressurised baskets and an conical burr grinder with some great results.

    Theres a very fine line between grinding fine enough and too fine with this machine.  When you get it too fine, the machine will choke and then blow past the seal (more often than not).  

    When pulling the shot, if it starts to choke, dont let it continue to build up the pressure, back the dial off a bit until the pump stops, but not so much it dumps the pressure back into the drain.  The pump should stop without the pshhhh when turning the dial full off.  I call this point pressure hold.  Allow it to drip for 5-10 seconds and turn the pump back on.  If youve got the grind right, with the pre-infusion, the coffee should start flowing now, if not, repeat the above.

    Even more useful than the above, if you back the dial off just so, you can get the pump to go from full on vibration mode, into pulse mode.  It sounds the same when youre using the steam side of the dial.  As my dial is quite stiff, it doesnt actually move between the full pump and pulse mode.  If you have a choker, backing the dial off, until you get pulse mode stops the pressure blowing the seal out.

    If you go from pump on to pump off, youve gone past the pulse point.  Its tiny tiny movements.  I often find it easier to put it into pressure hold mode so not to blow the seal, then very finely get it back to pulse mode.

    If youve successfully done a shot like the above, dont forget to leave the PF in long enough for the pressure to dissipate.  Even better, if you have your milk ready, you can flick the dial from pressure hold to the far left steam and youve have full steam pressure, no waiting.

    Alternatively, you could just by a $1k machine and not have all the anal retentive behaviour above  :

    Anyone else got any tips, please post below.  I couldnt find a thread dedicated to these types of tips.

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    Re: Sunbeam EM4800 tips

    Thanks for the tip, Ive been having the same problem. Ill try your technique.

    Im generally happy with the coffees and the price of the machine wasnt too bad but they have downgraded their manufacturing sometime in the last couple of years. I bought one a couple of years ago, then sold it when I moved and bought another this year cause I was happy with the last one but some of the stainless steel bits had changed to plastic and I had this problem much more.