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via venezia not pumping water

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  • via venezia not pumping water


    my saeco via venezia is not pumping water, through group head or steam wand. the pump still makes a noise and can still make steam.

    has anyone had this problem, would it be blocked somewhere or do i need a new pump.


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    Re: via venezia not pumping water

    Sorry but afraid its off to the techie.

    Cant diagnose intangibles sight unseen.



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      Re: via venezia not pumping water

      The only reason am having a bash at this is because Ive had Venizias (2) over the last 8~9 years. True, prolly a techie visit, but when I cleaned mine some time back, like having the take-up tube/filter out of the tank...I was cleaning everything... it took a while to get the little pump primed.
      From memory, I may have tried opening the steam knob while having the pump turned on. Once again, from memory, this MAY have allowed easier suck/flow, and effectively primed the system. Maybe give that a try.


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        Re: via venezia not pumping water

        Had the same problem.

        Pump wouldnt prime when it was allowed to run out of water (old machine)

        Opened up the machine by taking out the four screws at the back. Remove one end of the pipe that runs between the pump and the group head (do this while the machine is cold). Run the pump till it primes, you will hear the pump get quieter. Refit hose and away you go

        Hope this helps


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          You need to reprime the pump. It's easy. Turn the machine on but leave brew and steam switches OFF. Place a cup under the steaming wand. Open the steaming valve. When the valve is opened but the boiler is not heated for steaming, the pump kicks on and primes the pump. When the water from the wand is flowing in a continuous stream (3-5 seconds), shut the steam valve. You may now heat the water to steam or brew.