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New PU5900 (EM5900 + EM0450) Sunbeam. Is this Normal?

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  • New PU5900 (EM5900 + EM0450) Sunbeam. Is this Normal?

    Im very new to the espresso coffee world and ive started a new thread as the other threads dont specifically address my issues.

    Ive got the EM5900 + EM0450, ok to start with these were given to me as a gift so warranty wise im not sure how its going to work. I cant go to the person who supplied it and get a receipt.

    With the EM5900 I love the look and feel of it, dont really have any concerns with it as I beleive the issues there are user error and will take me some getting used to.

    1) What I did want to ask though, is it normal for when switching to steam for a fair amount of water just to drip through the steam wand? No steam goes through it at 1st and takes about 10 seconds. So as not to get mixed with the milk I turn it on into another jug to begin with. Ive used the EM4800C before and that machine doesnt do it.

    2) When ive used the 4800C Ive easily been able to make thick foam. With this machine I cant make foam as such, I imagine its technique but ive read elsewhere that some people have had replacement machines that made the difference in making foam. However I imagine again its just my technique and also not having the rubber foam enhancement attachment probably makes a difference.

    Theyre the main concerns I have with the EM5900.

    Ok with the Grinder the EM0450, I think its a nice machine aesthetically and cleaning wise is probably easier than the EM0480 just from what ive seen.

    Ok I definitely have a grind problem with this as it grinds way too course. Infact setting 25 and 1 make no difference. I know theres an issue with the EM0480/450 where they need shims. Id have thought theyd be free of issues by now though? Given that it seems to have been a common issue over 2 years ago.
    I didnt have a washer I could use but placed some thin metal under the existing washers and it made no difference.

    Given that ive no receipt how do I go about Sunbeam honouring warranty, ie serial number etc, I feel like selling the complete unit (machine/grinder) and buying a new one just so I can get a receipt.

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    Re: New PU5900 (EM5900 + EM0450) Sunbeam. Is this Normal?

    The steam from my unit is fairly good. I give it a little flush before I start on the milk and there a few specks of water but thats it.

    Im new at steaming milk so cant really help there... but Ive been able to get a decent amount of foam. A few larger bubbles, but for the most part its shiny microfoam that pours well. A pity my puring skills are non-existent.

    My grinder was too fine when I first tried it as well. Even at a setting of 2 it wasnt fine enough. So I took the top off it and repositioned the burr (took it out, cleaned and then put it back in as tight as I could) and now its fine, no tools required. My em450 is grinding about perfect at a setting of 13 now.


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      Re: New PU5900 (EM5900 + EM0450) Sunbeam. Is this Normal?

      Ive tried pushing the top burr in so it goes down further but on mine it seems either on correctly or not at all.
      Ive tried repositioning it several times to no avail.

      Is there perhaps a trick to repositioning it?


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        Re: New PU5900 (EM5900 + EM0450) Sunbeam. Is this Normal?

        Hi Zac,

        Ive got the EM0450, and there was some discussion around tightening a few screws that had a tendancy to loosen, resulting in overly coarse grind.

        I did this when I first got my 450, and as a result didnt need to get shims. Cant remember exact procedure, but do a bit of searching here on CS and youll find the directions.

        Oh, and also make sure the bottom burr is seating in correctly, as bonsaiboy said. It locks in by turning clockwise/anticlockwise into the collar, moreso than by pushing it down.


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          Re: New PU5900 (EM5900 + EM0450) Sunbeam. Is this Normal?

          Originally posted by 52575B5F53585E01360 link=1299976138/3#3 date=1300158620
          do a bit of searching here on CS and youll find the directions.
          Shouldve looked before I posted!  Heres the thread I was referring to... try reading through this (jump down to Reply #29 - from Gary at Gala) and see if his advice helps:;start=47;action=threadpaget ext;reversetopic=0


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            Re: New PU5900 (EM5900 + EM0450) Sunbeam. Is this Normal?

            As Dameinh7 has mentioned, remove the top of the grinder to check the screws are tight and that the bottom burr is seated correctly.

            I didnt have any issues with loose screws, but I turned the bottom burr clockwise/anticlockwise until it was a tight fit (e.g. one direction brings the bottom burr up... close to the top burr... what you want to get a finer grind). If you bring it up too much, the top part of the grinder wont screw back into place, so re-adjust until it does.


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              Re: New PU5900 (EM5900 + EM0450) Sunbeam. Is this Normal?

              Cheers thanks for the tips,
              Ive just taken the thing apart and tightened all the screws. Still no good. The coffee is so course, its even course than raw sugar and spits it all out so fast.

              Under the bottom burr there are already 2 washers but Sunbeam are posting the shims/washers to me.
              Ive read others say theyve used 3 but with 2 already in and as course as its grinding I cant see 1 more would make much difference.