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EM2300 gone please

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  • EM2300 gone please

    Hi all

    just after I started getting exciting about making coffee with my second hand EM2300, it went and broke on me On the plus side it gave me a good excuse to purchase an EM5900 on a good special, but still wondering if i would salvage the little fella.  the problem is as follows...
    • I filled up my double basket filter and tamped it down pretty hard
    • put it in and turned machine on
    • after a little while, this extremely black pour came through
    • a few seconds later, no more liquid came through and huge amounts of steam started coming out from the group head!  freak out time
    • i turned the machine off and took the portafilter off, which resulted in a blow out and coffee grinds everwhere
    • I gave the machine a good clean and rest and then retested multiple times, with the same results. 

    One friend has suggested that the "water is running hot".  he determined this because if i turn the machine on with no portafilter in, i can observe water spraying out erratically and huge amounts of steam leaking out.  If i leave it running a while though, the stream becomes "normal"

    This has never happened before!  any suggestions on fixes?
    (otherwise, some parts might be available very soon  )

    thanks guys

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    Re: EM2300 gone please

    Sounds like thermostat is gone, but Ill leave it to those who know more about this machine to confirm.


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      Re: EM2300 gone please

      I wonder if the microswitch for the steam is on constantly making the boiler run hot even when on brew mode? Sometimes mine would get an airblock in the line and no matter how long I left the pump on nothing would happen. Try purging the boiler with the steam valve open and the other thing I used to do is lift the tank out and then place it back down. Cant remember if I did that step while the machine was running or not but it used to help get the water flowing again. Might be completely different to what you are talking about.

      In regards to the machine choking i suspect you need to clean the basket. Under the flap that goes over the water tank is a cleaner with two wires. Use the thin wire and poke out all the holes in the basket including the small ones on top and the single one on the bottom. I suspect either the single one on the bottom is blocked or a lot of the small ones are blocked.