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Gaggia Carezza Help Please!

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  • Gaggia Carezza Help Please!

    Hi All,

    Its been a good few years since Ive been on here, so please be kind!

    I was recently given a Gaggia Carezza machine from a family friend who didnt use it anymore. Anyhoo, I cant get the damn thing to work! The steam bit/nozzle thingamajig works, but I cant get the water to run through the grouphead.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?



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    Re: Gaggia Carezza Help Please!

    I dont have a carezza, but it has similarities to the classic, so will try to help out, maybe others will offer more advice.
    Does the pump work when you hit the brew switch (you will be able to hear it)? If so, does any water go back into the tank? Try all tests without the group handle in place so you can see if any water at all comes out the shower screen. Let us know how it goes and well try to work out what it might be.


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      Re: Gaggia Carezza Help Please!

      When I first turned it on the pump made a noise as if it was trying to do something, then it kind of went silent, probably cause it cant get anything through.  At one point there was a drop or two comig out of the group head, then it went back to doing nothing.  The water seems to come out fine as steam or hot water, its just the grouphead bit that wont let any water through...


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        Re: Gaggia Carezza Help Please!

        [img][/img]ok , i have a carezza too, here is what you need to check if not used for long time. I also posted on how to replace o-ring seals and descale and lap boiler. search my posts.

        if hot water and steam come out of steam wand,  boiler and pump is ok.
        should be able to pump water , check it clear and not a lot of scale.

        I think you may have old coffee blocking shower screen or spring valve in group head blocked.
        let it cool first so not get burned or scalded.

        -first remove shower screen by remove  philips screw, in group head. give it a good scrub with brush.
        try and pump water now, should get 4 streams of water from shower disc.
        if ok refit shower screen.

        - if still blocked remove shower disc  , 2 x 5mm Allen bolts. clean also

        -remove valve,  12mm hex head screw, often scale will block this
        this can then be dissembled, is a spring and a rubber ball seal and 12mm hex head screw

        clean all and reassemble , test for water from group.
        should be ok, i would also do de-scale.

        google partsguru for careeza parts diagram and here is a photo of parts removed.


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          Re: Gaggia Carezza Help Please!

          Thanks for the advice. Ive tried to take the shower screen off but the bugger wont budge! Have to give it another try tomorrow.



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            Re: Gaggia Carezza Help Please!

            remove the drip tray to have more room, use a Philips bit in a 6mm socket, or small stubby Philips driver.
            also dont tighten it more than finger tight, i only use the socket above and no square drive to tighten.
            that way it easy to remove next time and often for cleaning.

            I use my carezza at work and my baby at home, buy my carezza leaks water /steam when steaming.
            Checked and cleaned tonight (took photo for you), will de-scale tomorrow if it still leaks after that , may need to stretch or add shim to increase spring pressure, Else will need to buy new group valve $18

            be careful tightening the group valve, easy to break , I need to buy new one after tighten too much and snap threads. rubber seal was also badly worn with groove in rubber were it seals. It also still leaked after clean.



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              Re: Gaggia Carezza Help Please!

              Another trick to remove the shower screen is if you can get the cheep screwdrivers that have inter-changeable tips that are hexagon shaped and use a adjustable spanner to turn it.

              laying the machine on its back (remove the water first) will also give better access.