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Unpressurised Basket for Sunbeam 5900

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  • Unpressurised Basket for Sunbeam 5900

    Ive searched the forum but some of the threads are dated.
    Im after a double shot unpressurised basket for the 5900.

    Where can I get 1 from at a good price?
    It appears the Breville and Krups baskets work and are recommended.

    On Ebay I can get 1 for $21 (inc postage) and thats the cheapest ive seen.

    Anyone recommend anywhere and also what part number or model should I be asking for.

    Im in Adelaide

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    Re: Unpressurised Basket for Sunbeam 5900

    I went here and paid about 20bucks from memory. They dont keep stock though and you have to order it in. It doesnt quite seem like a two shot basket though, more like one and a half shots.

    Pooraka SA 5095 Adelaide Service Centre
    Shop 9 Desmond Avenue
    08 8262 1755


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      Re: Unpressurised Basket for Sunbeam 5900

      I ordered mine from Breville. On the website it is under coffee accessories and is called the single wall filter set (item code BSWF100) and costs $24.95. They are a perfect fit for the em5900, the holes are small, and you end up with both a single and double basket. Just call them up on the number from the website and tell them you have a Breville 800es or something similar.


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        Re: Unpressurised Basket for Sunbeam 5900

        I might pay the extra few bucks and get both the single and double.
        Anyone actually use a single shot basket.

        Im currently using the double shot (pressurised) basket.
        Maybe im sucking in too much caffeine. Ive not once used the single so not sure if thats more appropriate.


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          Re: Unpressurised Basket for Sunbeam 5900

          Yeah I reckon the couple of extra $s would be worth it. I usually use the double but have used the single a couple of times. Its totally different because of the funny profile of the filter, not straight-sided like the double.

          The single wall filters are sweet. Coffee is better and the pucks, while still a little wet, tend to drain better and more solid (rather than swimming in water).


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            Re: Unpressurised Basket for Sunbeam 5900

            if you can wait about a week for postage there and back, greg can modify your existing basket for free! it will set you back about $4 in postage

            for photos of his work on my baskets, check out the thread at

            im also the new owner of a 5900 and trust me the modded baskets have really made a difference to the extraction


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              Re: Unpressurised Basket for Sunbeam 5900

              Yeah I saw Gregs offer. I feel bad tho taking a freebie but having said that I figured also it would be good to have both types of baskets, for now atleast. Incase I need to revert back to the double wall for whatever reason.

              Anyone here ever use a single shot basket?