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Save my sanity Sunbeam EM4800

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  • Save my sanity Sunbeam EM4800

    Hi all...
    Have been reading and learning from coffeesnobs for a long time now but never really posted.
    Now, I need some help.

    Basically I have an Sunbeam EM4800 coffee machine which has been working quite well since I learnt from here to use UP baskets and to grind my own beans.
    So now the issues I am recently having...

    1. Whenever I power on the machine for warm up, the pump will continuously pump. I rang Sunbeam who gave me a service centre who said bla bla "main board" and probably $150 for them to fix.... hmm, well I can fix myself if I can get the parts! Can I get parts or does anyone have an old one they want to sell me for parts???

    2. I am not sure if my pump is dying or not, it always made a fair bit of noise but it feels like the pour is too slow. If I grind finely, the pour is super slow (aka dripping), I try tamping less and either the pour is still slow or too fast resulting in crap coffee. So I adjust the grind and similar results. I cant get an even extraction out of it now. Any tips? How long should it take for an extraction? As to my pump dying test, just running water through, how long does your machine take to pump say 100mls through the group head?

    She really has been a good little machine and I want to make sure that I either cant fix it (for a reasonable price) or I am not doing it all wrong before buying a new one. I would love a Silvia but cant afford it. the $350 odd thermo blocks look like where I am stuck for a while.

    I will add that I can create pretty good milk from it so happy with the steam and my frothing technique. Trying to do Latte Art now :P


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    Re: Save my sanity Sunbeam EM4800

    I assume it is out of warranty.

    Life can be disturbingly short it seems when it comes to cheap coffee machines if they are used most days.

    think of it as a stepping stone.

    if you are on a budget there seem to be plenty of secondhand basic machines that have been used less than 20 times.

    For some people it is just too hard or too complicated.


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      Re: Save my sanity Sunbeam EM4800

      Why dont you buy this before someone else does:

      I just switched from an em4800 to a second hand Gaggia. Its an affordable step up and I hear they last pretty well.



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        Re: Save my sanity Sunbeam EM4800

        I picked up my EM4800 from cash converters for around $30.. Mine is a daily-driver now after EXTENSIVE cleaning and replacement seals. but it could be good for donor parts.