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Sunbeam EM5900 temperature

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  • Sunbeam EM5900 temperature

    Hey all
    Anyone who has used this machine, how have you found the temperature of the espresso? I feel like mine is just too cold.
    I checked the temperature at the group head (by the very basic method shown in the photo) and even after turning the machine up to its highest temp the water coming out was still only about 75 degrees. I rechecked the water that was running through in a bowl, and it was a bit cooler at about 70 degrees.
    After preheating the basket and handle and pulling a shot, the shot temp was about 45/50 degrees.
    I thought this was too cold, so I called Sunbeam and they gave me authorization to take it back and get a replacement, which I did yesterday.
    But then when I checked the machine using the same methods, all the temps were about 5-8 degrees on average lower than the previous machine! I left the machine for about 20 mins to warm up again fully after the first test and there was maybe 2 degrees difference in temp.
    I know my method is not very accurate and scientific... but I would assume if you take the handle off, let the machine run for 30 seconds into a bowl, and then stick your finger in the water and you can leave it there without too much trouble, surely thats just too cold.
    And when compared to a cafe espresso, the espresso this produces is considerably colder.
    Any thoughts or experiences or tests done by others with this machine?

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    Re: Sunbeam EM5900 temperature

    Is it better to test the temp by sticking a thermometer in the puck straight after extraction?


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      Re: Sunbeam EM5900 temperature

      Its a thermblock, its never going to be a stable 92 degrees. It might start out that way after being pre-heated for 10+ minutes but it will drop on extraction - to probably 86-87 or so. If its going lower theres something wrong.

      Espresso from mine is too hot to drink, but it can be gently sipped.


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        Re: Sunbeam EM5900 temperature

        I tried your experiment. I have a very similar (identical?) milk thermometer. I think just holding it in the stream per your picture is a flawed method, the thermometer spike is only getting partially covered in the water. I couldnt get the temperature to read above 65 using this method. But when I ran a lot of water into a cup it was more like 75 degrees. Again, this is flawed as the water would have cooled considerably by the time it sat in the cup as it slowly filled. Nonetheless, I couldnt keep my finger comfortably in the water for more than a few seconds, but then I might be more tender than you 


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          Re: Sunbeam EM5900 temperature

          I knew my method was rubbish, but if other people got similar readings with a similar method on machines that work well then it should be all good!
          Ive since found that if I leave it to warm for about 15 mins+ and preheat the handle well (either run water through, or immerse in water thats over 70 degrees) the espresso comes out at a good temp.
          Ill try the styro cup method and see if I get different (higher) results.