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Via Venezia Shower Screen Stripped Thread

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  • Via Venezia Shower Screen Stripped Thread

    Hi all,

    I bought a second hand Saeco Via Venezia for my parents a little while ago, and it was doing fine up until recently when I noticed that the shower screen was clogged and causing water to jet out the centre, rather than pour through nicely. Consequently I took the screen off, showed my Dad how dirty it was and told him to spend some time cleaning it.

    Fast forward to my next visit, when I poured a shot and removed the PF only to find the shower screen sitting on top of the puck! It turns out Dad managed to strip the thread on the shower screen holder when he was reassembling it.

    So, does anyone know if this is fixable? Can you helicoil coffee machines? Is there somewhere in particular that does reasonably priced repair jobs in Perth (as I would prefer not to pay too much seeing as the machine only cost $100 in the first place!)?

    As an aside, can someone confirm that the Via Venezia does *not* have a 3-way solenoid valve and thus should not be backflushed?

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    Re: Via Venezia Shower Screen Stripped Thread

    here is an PDF of parts diagram, may be of help, looks like shower screw may screw into a spring valve holder, you may just need to replace this part. #49


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      Re: Via Venezia Shower Screen Stripped Thread

      Thanks very much for that. Ive ordered a replacement part and will see how I go with the repair job.