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Help - Coffee (or Espresso) when camping

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  • Help - Coffee (or Espresso) when camping

    Hi everyone,

    Im a new member to this forum having just purchased a second hand Rancilio Ms Silvia. Am learning lots from the sidelines but now hoping for some advice from the good folk here. 

    My appreciation (err addiction) for good espresso has increased since Ms Silvia arrived on the scene and now my trusted coffee plunger setup for camping seems completely inadequate.   As such I am looking for help in coming up with some options for my next step up?

    When camping I will not have access to power and purchasing a 2kw generator to power the silvia is not an option ;D

    So I am hoping there are some setups that will enable me to make 1-3 cups of double shot latte style coffee when sitting around the camp for less than $250.

    One option I was looking into was the Bellman CX25P. It came in just under $200, but then I guess I still need to get a grinder of some description if Im going to use good quality beans. Not sure what hand grinders cost yet and what would be good match to the bellman.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Re: Help - Espresso when camping

    I have started manually for my coffee journey and am just about to upgrade to a machine so I will be in the position to have a camping set as well.

    This will be a Presso and a Kyocera hand grinder, depending on where you shop all up it should come to around $250 or less if there are discounts for going to a sponsor, see the left hand side list. You can find the Kyocera for as little as $88 with free shipping and the Presso you buy from Presso Australia and there might still be the CS discount applicable.

    The Presso will give espresso shots, I use 15-18 grams of coffee and pull a 60ml shot.  The Kyocera grind collector section fits exactly into the Presso portafilter.  Also with the Presso you only need a jug/billy to heat water and then pour the water into the Presso and pull your shot.

    There are other options out there but it depends on what type of coffee you want, as you said espresso I gave you the above, and it is what I would use.

    Other will say to get an aeropress but I dont feel that it gives an espresso shot, I havent used one yet though, just going off videos of them on youtube and what others have said.


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      Re: Help - Espresso when camping

      Move this to the manual coffee brewing thread.


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        Re: Help - Espresso when camping

        Darkfalz - quite right.
        Sorry for posting in the wrong spot everyone.
        Its my first post and obviously still have a little to learn regarding where things belong. Can the admin please help to move this thread? I cant see any way for me to move it manually.


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          Re: Help - Coffee (or Espresso) when camping

          Shapeshifter - have updated the thread title as would be happy for better quality coffee (or espresso) whilst camping.

          Am I right in assuming that with the Presso I would:
          1. Be doing one dbl shot espresso at a time?
          2. Need a separate milk steamer for the latte side of things?


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            Re: Help - Coffee (or Espresso) when camping

            1 - yes, I have two portafilters so I can do two double shots within a quick time, the extra portafilters for the Presso dont cost a hell of a lot but yes will take you over what you want to spend.

            2 - yes, that is why I had started looking for something else that can do it.  The Presso comes with a milk frother of sorts, you heat your milk and then use the frother after, not sure if it will do the job you want, I havent actually had to use it yet as I have an old Breville machine that does my milk steaming for me.


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              Re: Help - Coffee (or Espresso) when camping

              Plunger inadequate?  Am I the only one that likes plungers?! I much prefer my plunger over my stovetop (albeit Im still perfecting my stovetop technique whereas I think I have the plunger sorted).  Although I dont own one of those fancy Bellmans so Im not sure how much better they are!

              What coffee do you use with your plunger? If you dont yet have a hand grinder are you using pre-ground? Is that the reason for not liking the coffee out of it?  Whats your milk/coffee ratio with the plunger?  I find I have to pre-heat the plunger, grind fine, stir quickly, and pour soon after plunging to get great results.

              However its not as "oohh-aaah" as a Bellman but I suspect its easier to clean, especially when I have to cart the water...

              Of course its not your "latte style" coffee, but all Im saying is dont give up on the plunger just yet


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                Re: Help - Coffee (or Espresso) when camping

                Ive got the Bellman and a Kyocera grinder. Not espresso but a darn nice coffee! Steaming the milk makes all of the difference and it is easy to do and microfoam is easy to make. It is slower than my Lelit to steam though.

                As I have a lathe, I made up a tamper with a hollow handle that makes it so much easier to load the Bellman.

                Ours does not have the steam gauge as that one was out of stock when we bought it. Dont get it get too hot before running the coffe as it gets a burnt taste.


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                  Re: Help - Coffee (or Espresso) when camping

                  I use a Airopress with a Kyocera grinder and Bellman steamer. For me this makes a good combo - I like the flavour and easy clean up of the Airopress, and not having to bring the steamer is good for a quick overnight hike. I also have a weakness for old school camp coffee, which for me is basically Vietnamese coffee; sweetened condensed milk with a shot of Airopress directly on top. Everyone has some thing like this, I always know I am camping and its time to relax with one in my hands! I plan on getting a coova filter for the Airopress soon.


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                    Re: Help - Coffee (or Espresso) when camping

                    We use our stovetop for camping and picnics.. We love it..


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                      Re: Help - Coffee (or Espresso) when camping

                      Hi iaindb,

                      I do not have the hand grinder as yet and have been grinding at home and sealing for my trip away. So yes hand grinder is the definitely first on the shopping list and will make an immediate improvement to my trip away regardless of the coffee equipment.

                      However, even at home Im not a big fan of the coffee I produce with the plunger. But since your suggestion I have realized that there is a whole lot of technique to plunging (described on the forum) that I was not aware of. So some home experimentation is in order for me.

                      That still leaves the milk steaming side piece of the puzzle to solve.


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                        Re: Help - Coffee (or Espresso) when camping

                        Hi Bluewater

                        I can recommend the Presso + Bellman combination. I used it for many months at home to make two lattes each morning before upgrading to my PV Lusso.

                        A couple of sponsors sell the Bellman, and if you want to save a few bucks you could just get the straight steamer model (which doesnt make coffee). Jack at Sorrentina has them, and I think Ofra and Renzo have them at Di Bartoli.

                        The final piece to the puzzle would be a Hario grinder - again, sponsors sell them, theres also a Kyocera model. I use a Hario model with my Aeropress when travelling, and just zap the milk in a microwave.

                        I think you will have to extend the budget to get all three though. If you do, you wont regret it!




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                          Re: Help - Coffee (or Espresso) when camping

                          Cheap Chinese all stainless stove top for me.

                          just enough milk to make it look muddy.