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51mm vs 53mm vs 58mm baskets

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  • 51mm vs 53mm vs 58mm baskets

    What is the difference, if any, in the quality and volume of espresso you can extract out of different sized basket ?
    I have an EM5900 with the 51mm unpressurized Breville double basket, which when dosed to 19g of ground coffee leaves a small impression with the 5c test, and leaves a small impression of the shower screen in the puck after pulling the shot.
    The standard 7g = 30ml, would suggest that this could produce just short of a triple, or about 85ml of espresso. Based on reading Im not really expecting that much, but thought I should be able to get 60ml on average.
    However, Ive found that I cant usually extract more than 40ml before it goes from dark thick tan to light watery tan (my understanding of the blonding point).
    Is this a limitation of 51mm baskets, or is this normal for most extractions?

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    Re: 51mm vs 53mm vs 58mm baskets

    Hi JB. Although most commercial coffee machines have 58mm baskets certainly doesnt mean narrower baskets are in any way inferior. If anything, a narrower and deeper basket can be more forgiving.

    Ideally it would be nice to see a video of your pour but it sounds to me like youre getting a pretty decent shot out of your equipment. If it tastes good I wouldnt be too concerned about the volume.

    You could try a slightly finer grind and lighter tamp to see how you go. You could also try different beans.


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      Re: 51mm vs 53mm vs 58mm baskets

      Hey Junky,
      Thanks for the reply, Ill see about popping a video up.
      Yeah my shots are tasting pretty good, I just feel like Im probably going through more coffee this way than i should be! Id also like to be able to make 2 good coffees from the double basket, and while they are good, theyre just a little weaker as they have a little less volume than ideal, and I really thought that out of 19g of coffee Id be able to get 2 solid shots.
      Ive tried a variety of different beans from different roasters (all fresh with roasted on dates from good cafes or boutique roasters like Sibonis Coffee), and my tamp is probably about 7kg, and I feel like thats on the lighter side.


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        you don't have a choice about the size as only 51mm will fit your machine.

        As for shot blonding that is because you don't have an OPV and the pressure builds up causing the shot to blonde.

        If you install a OPV it will help a lot


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          Your numbers sound reasonable.. Do you think that extra 20ml will make it taste better??

          Volume isn't always the best way to measure, I'd be interested to hear what the double actually weighs - its a better indication of brew ratio