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4 mm ID Hose - Sunbeam

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  • 4 mm ID Hose - Sunbeam

    Hi All

    Looking for a little help.

    The old faithful Sunbeam has crack a hissy fit and started to leak water out the bottom.

    Taking the cover off the back I notice that the 4 mm ID hose from the pump to the heater block had been rubbing on something and had a tiny pin hole.

    I am think this hose might be silicon or something seeing as it is directly connect to the heater block and hence the brass fitting will heat up.

    Have replaced with some simple hose from Bunnings but I dont think this is going to last long with the heat

    Any idea where I might pick up some of the hose?

    I will in Richmond, Vic.

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    Re: 4 mm ID Hose - Sunbeam

    Welcome Blacky.... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    This is probably the tubing/hose you need.... 8-)



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      Re: 4 mm ID Hose - Sunbeam

      Thanks Mal

      You are most probably right.

      However I stopped in at 9 Bar on the way back from Supreme and hey gave me FOC a small piece.

      This is holding up for the time being, with thanks to 9 Bar!


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        Re: 4 mm ID Hose - Sunbeam

        Good stuff mate...
        Kudos to 9Bar [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

        The Teflon High Pressure Tubing I linked to above is definitely the correct material, Ive used it myself for the same purpose.... 8-)