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Sunbeam Crema EM4800 steam pressure problem

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  • Sunbeam Crema EM4800 steam pressure problem

    Hi Guys,

    Ive started using a sunbeam cafe crema (EM4800) about two months ago. It was given to my girlfriend as a gift by Bing Lee about 3 years ago, and it hadnt even been unpacked since then and has been lying in storage.

    Anyway about a week ago it started acting funny. Ive done searches about this problem but coudnt find anything this odd.

    Anyway about 50% of the time, when i turn the steamer wand on, the pressure would be low, and get even lower as the steam process progresses, and then it would start to "pulsate" in rhythm with the pump. When I turn the steam off, the usual steam-purge will not occur through the group head, instead, some water will leak from the bottom of the machine. Then when I turn the dial to brew, a whole lot of steam would violently purge out of the brew head!

    Ive tried descaling the machine with a the vinegar/water mixture as outlined in the manual, but the problem persists, and is happening more and more often. Its got to a point where Im not using the steamer anymore in fear a big watery mess, not to mention the milk doesnt texture properly due to the low pressure.

    Has anyone had this problem before? Could the 3 years in storage have anything to do with this? Im new to espresso machines so would appreciate any help!