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Espresso taste characteristics

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  • Espresso taste characteristics

    Hi all,
    Just wondering if anyone knows what characteristics the taste of espresso would have under different brewing circumstances? For example:

    Too cold = sour taste??
    Too hot = burnt taste??
    Too coarse grind = fast flow = acidic taste??
    Too fine grind = slow drip flow = bitter, dirty taste??
    Too high pressure (>9 bar)= ??
    Too low pressure (<9 bar) = ??
    Too little dosed coffee = bitter??
    Too much dosed coffee = burnt??
    Channeling = over-extracted bitterness??
    Anything else can have an impact on taste??

    My EM5900 has just been turning out some strange tastes (especially after tasting the sweetness and body i was able to get from a Silvia and a Rocket) and Im trying to put my finger on the taste Im getting and whats going "wrong", but having a little trouble!
    Maybe I just need to upgrade


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    Re: Espresso taste characteristics

    If you havent already done so, remove the black plastic cover on the base of the PF, muck/sludge accumulates beneath it and may be tainting your espresso.