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  • Breville ES800

    I have this machine and it says it comes with 15-bar pump pressure. Is that too high? Or is it somehow regulated? From what Ive read so far, you need around 9 bar of pressure? Or is that just a minimum?

    Should I still be aiming for 60mL in 25 seconds for a double shot? And does that mean doing anything different, like a finer grind?

    Sorry about all the questions! Just finding it a bit confusing.

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    Re: Breville ES800

    Yes it has the same 15 bar pump as most home machines - even ones that cost up to $3K. Those expensive ones use a mechanical valve called an OPV to bleed excess water pressure back into the water reservoir. Cheaper machines like your 800 use very thin pipes to restrict the flow in an attempt to regulate pressure less expensively.
    To answer your questions:
    - Yes 9 bar is the ideal, but your machine will still make decent espresso with a good grinder and non-pressureized baskets. The baskets that come with your machine have lots of holes at the top and one little hole at the bottom. This forces coffee through that little hole to churn it and make a foam on top of the espresso that looks like crema. This makes stale coffee look fresh - but will still taste stale.
    - Yes still aim for 60ml in around 25-30 seconds, but fine tune by whatever you like the taste of the most.
    God luck!


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      Re: Breville ES800

      15 bars is the pumps static pressure rating; that is, if you completely blocked the outlet of the pump the pressure would rise to 15 bars. As soon as there is any liquid escaping (such as water through the grouphead) the pressure drops substantially. With the right dose/grind/tamp you should be able to maintain approx 9 bars pressure. Since your machine has no pressure gauge you dont really know. Getting 50-60mL in 25-30 seconds guide is a quick indicator you are in the right ballpark, but the taste, look and aroma is what you should be judging it on.