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Saeco Aroma for $178 delivered from Amazon Italy

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  • Saeco Aroma for $178 delivered from Amazon Italy

    Hi Guys

    What do you think of this setup for around $250..

    Sunbeam Coffee Grinder EM0450 grinder
    for $75

    in combination with ...
    Saeco Aroma
    from Amazon italy

    the Aroma is 138 euro delivered to Australia (aka $178 AUD)

    Articoli: EUR 118,01
    Costi di spedizione: EUR 20,00
    Totale IVA esclusa: EUR 138,01
    IVA: EUR 0,00
    Totale ordine: EUR 138,01

    looks like longevity may be an issue, along with the pressurized portafilter...

    but for $250 .. is there anything equivalent?

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    Re: Saeco Aroma for $178 delivered from Amazon Italy

    Originally posted by 6E706B626D6D6C6D030 link=1324514928/0#0 date=1324514928
    What do you think of this

    I think you will get a smack for posting all those non-sponsor links.  I think had better remove them before someone else does.

    The biggest point you need to consider about grey imports is what happens when the equipment breaks down. You are unlikely to get it repaired in Australia. Then theres the risk of damage when having it carted around the world.


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      Re: Saeco Aroma for $178 delivered from Amazon Italy

      Check out the Pay it Forward, Coffee Hardware for Sale and youll pickup something for the same cost albeit pre loved.. and it will come with support of this community. Youll be a long way ahead of the combo you mentioned.

      At your price point, quality of coffee will be more technique rather than equipment! So support the community and itll support you with valuable information regarding technique!


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        Re: Saeco Aroma for $178 delivered from Amazon Italy

        I meant to mention too, I was considering this for a gift to a family member to get them a bit more excited about coffee and transitioning from instantcoffee/kettle-hot-water.

        Hence the tiny budget. If / when they got the bug, then I was going to suggest picking up something more decent and offloading the entry-entry-entry level stuff above.

        Im very happy with my Lelit combi I picked up second hand from coffeesnobs.


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          Re: Saeco Aroma for $178 delivered from Amazon Italy

          not to mention local electrical specifications, safety, rewiring the plug (beware of "adaptors" that dont always carry the earth) etc.


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            Re: Saeco Aroma for $178 delivered from Amazon Italy

            Grey Market item as a gift? unless you really know that the person is willing to accept it, and knows the pitfalls thereof, and theres No Acceptable local substitute, Then yes, but in 99.999999etc% of cases? its a risky venture

            Buy a cheapie sunbeam or Breville instead, you can get them for a bit over $100 and change. Which undercuts your saeco aroma by a significant amount

            Your family member would probably be just as happy with that, as an imported thing that wont fit into their socket at home


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              Re: Saeco Aroma for $178 delivered from Amazon Italy

              I reckon buying a coffee machine and associated paraphenalia hoping the convert the giftee into the right and proper world of true coffee, is akin to buying nicorette patches for a smoker.

              You might have the best intentions. They may even be genuinely thankful. But ultimately you a forcing your ideals on them and unless they have already shown interest in changing it usually doesnt happen.

              Better to buy a beverage gift certificate from the best coffee house in town and/or ply them with as much of your product as you can if you have the skills. Geography permitting I supose. Anyway, make them want it. Then maybe buy good used stuff from a fellow CSer next year.