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Office coffee machine - Sunbeam EM3800?

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  • Office coffee machine - Sunbeam EM3800?


    I am based in China now, serious need for good coffee in this country. I have Ms Silvia at home, and gee shes a hotty!

    However, that just gets me started. As soon as the office lunch is done im a craving some more hot silky smooth coffe running down my neck. This place is filled with chinese who drink tea, and the odd american expat who seams happy with the provided drip filter!!! worst nightmare ya say??? im living it baby...

    So, never to be outdone by the mountainous task at hand, i figure i may well keep with tradition and get a machine (like i have done for the team in every role ive had in the last 5 years) to keep not only myself sane, but the ever increasing expat arrivals.

    So, long story short (or short at the end of my long story, depending on your outlook) I need a machine for the office.
    Cost is critical, but quality is high (cost first and foremost) so i was thinking best machine could be Sunbeam E3800, or the EM4800C. Everyone around here is too tough and bloke to start frothing in fear of being accused of being a Latte man...

    So what are your suggestions? under$200 for a half decent shot of coffee??

    Look forward to your advice